Saturday, December 13, 2014

Roller coaster Day...

With events I mean.  Got to choir practice a bit late, but they hadn't started yet.  Then during the practice I got a text to come in at 11 instead of 10, so I got to stay for the full practice-with the whole four other women who stayed that long-and then eat a much better breakfast when I got home.
Was headed to work a bit early, and had to stop a bit quicker than normal to avoid rear ending the car in front of me.  Then a car behind me swiped a red car and took out my driver side rear brake lights and that side of the bumper.  The tire well isn't much better...
Had to get to work nearly an hour late thanks to filling out a police report-they were already there on the other side of the road clearing up an earlier accident that required a tow truck-and waiting for them to finish with my info.  Managed to text my manager before I was late to let them know what was going on.
Work was nice and busy, so I never quite felt bored, though three of my coworkers and my manger wanted to make sure I was ok-no injuries to me thanks to a lead foot on my brake at the time-when I finally got there.  Got off late too.
Digging out my insurance wasn't fun either, but it meant I didn't get in trouble.
Then I got a text from a male friend asking to go to lunch next week.  I invited them to the evening of music tomorrow, and lunch tuesday.
Like I said, roller coaster.

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