Monday, June 29, 2015


It's getting really hot now. We've got the traditional dry patch growing in the backyard where the sprinklers can't keep it wet enough despite my dad's efforts to fix that. And its really making the weeds an issue to remove.  My dad did get the watering system set up in the garden to care for the volunteer potatoes I uncovered while weeding.
Plus we've got those weird bugs that seem to multiply regardless of what we do.  Need to get bug spray today, they're taking over the window in my room. Don't even know what kind of bugs they are.
Spent wednesday packing and then heading north for a YSA activity that went to saturday morning.  It was fun, though I was a bit sick on friday, but it passed.  Had a fun dance party that night I was able to participate in.  Ran into the girl who was asking me about cross stitch-she called me 'cross stitch girl' when she recognized me-and she still hadn't got around to trying it.  It was a nice trip, although the beds were too hard for me-waking up with bruised hips after only 4-6 hours of sleep is not fun.

Monday, June 22, 2015

And Again.

Heard back from my photography teacher, who claims my final project grade is a result of the whole semester, not just the final presentation-which they did not say at the time to my recall-so the grade is justified.  They also said I did not take advantage of the cameras available at school, though those have restraints just like borrowing my mom's camera did.  I knew about the old cameras, but not the more modern ones, much less where to get them.
So its still under debate.
We've got 90% of the tile grouted and sealing!  Of course that meant staying up til 2:30 a.m. sunday to get the grout right, and a lot of sore muscles.  My mom, sister, and I cleaned it three times this morning then put down the sealant.  That has to sit for 2-5 hours so nobody's allowed on it til then.  We're thinking of putting a second coat on to be safe, but not til the last of the grout is ready.
So close!!!!

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Almost There...

The tile is down to the edge of the kitchen, but we've still got the fridge area and the hallway leading to the stairs and the inside garage door left to do. Hopefully that will go today-my mom's trying to get it done while my dad's at work, as he's done most of it and his back is making him pay for it-so we can grout tomorrow and be able to use the kitchen for father's day. Here's hoping.
Had to email my teacher again, as I know they're back by now but I still haven't heard from them regarding my grade.  Really like to get that settled.
Got dive bombed by a hummingbird yesterday after dinner.  Saw it zooming back and forth above the bushes behind the house.  Tried to get a closer look at what it was hovering over, as I could hear peeps and rustling.  That's when the foot it was previously going over became a good fifteen to twenty foot u over the area, and twice right at me.  It did it long enough for me to move to our back porch and show my mom as she came over.  We think it's nest might be in that area, but can't confirm without the dive bombing.  That thing is a bit scary when it's going that fast.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Nice People

I've been getting parts from a local store whenever my aging truck needs them-if I can do it myself, as there are some things you can't do at home-and today I had to get a clutch replacement kit.  That clutch has survived 20 years and five kids mastering a standard transmission on it.  But its kicking the bucket now, so I get to find out how to replace the stuff.  The owner-I think they own it anyway, as they always seem to be there-gave me a discount on the kit, on top of the discount the store usually has for parts.  Not much, but it helps.
Spent an hour in the garden trying to catch the weeds that exploded after yesterday's microbursts.  Those didn't help the heat, just made it a bit more humid.  So I was sweating for most of the hour.  And I'm sore and a bit tired from it too. Grr.
Moved the tile into the kitchen now, but it's just laid out.  Hope to get it down this afternoon, but I'm also hoping to get the clutch in too.  Might not, so I'll have to see. The floor is a tad more urgent-to me-than my clutch.  That'll hold a bit longer.  Floor's driving us a bit crazy and needs to be done.

Saturday, June 13, 2015


The evening shift manager asked me to take more hours in the evening as they are mainly stuck with new cashiers for that time.  The more experienced ones have been dragged to doing more day shift, and I'm only getting two to three shifts per week so far.  And I have no problem working at night-going to have to work nights once fall semester starts anyway.
Finally getting the tile down, but it's a pain cutting the tile right-my sister's in charge of that one-and we've only gotten the stuff for the dinning room ready.  Most of it's down, but the edges are still just sitting there.  Hopefully we get it all done today, so we can grout monday.
It's getting hot again...

Thursday, June 11, 2015

San Adreas

I heard this movie got a bad review, and based on the scene at the movie theater on tuesday, I guess that killed most of the desire to see it.  But my mom, sister, and I liked it.  Geared as a family type film, and no hints of politics that we saw, it was kind of fun.  But like the movie Unstoppable, your heart won't stop pounding for pretty much the entire movie.
Went to our local theme park with three of my brothers yesterday, and found that being with boys gets a bit old.  I love my brothers, no question.  But I really wished my sister had come.  Or my mom.  But my sister had an interview and my mom wanted some peace and quiet time.
I guess the clutch that my brother's been claiming is going out is actually wearing out, as my dad told me it was slipping while they were transporting the tile for the kitchen in it yesterday.  And the tires are getting low again, even though my brother filled them last week. New tires, new clutch, this is going to make saving for fall semester very hard.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015


Got called in to work yesterday, as two of the evening employees had to call in.  One was headed to the hospital, the other had some kind of emergency.  Then I get to work and find a list of breads we were out of, which grew by two while I was there. Plus we ran out of tuna and grapes for kids meals.
Then one of the bread makers had a stack of buckets fall on them and cut their upper lip nearly through.  It was swollen when I saw it and they refused-even when the manager told them to-to call in another bread maker and go to the hospital.  It had finally stopped bleeding when I left after 9.
Ran into a brother of my uncle on my mom's side that I hadn't met before at work, as well as an aunt on the same side, and an old coworker.
Made for a rather interesting shift...

Monday, June 8, 2015

Family History

My mom was going through her mother's side recently, and found an interesting tradition she didn't realize she was carrying on.  It seems that through the female line it was tradition to name daughters after grandmothers-or great grandmothers in my case-rather than the mothers.  She got her name from her grandma, and her mother got her name from her grandmother.  My name came from my foster great grandma, but I still think it counts, as my middle name-also my mom's-came from a great grandma, so it evened it out.  And it continues back beyond my grandmother's name, so I've got idea's for my daughter's names-three for sure. It follows the matriarchal line, so no names from the father's side.
Went weeding this morning-my brother's actually beat me in getting out there this time-and spent most of the time getting attacked by the wild raspberry bushes that grow all along the west side.  Poked my right thumb and index finger, scraped my forearm and the left side of my palm.
Then I was cutting a half frozen english muffin for my breakfast and sliced the outside edge of my left palm when the plastic knife slipped. Sigh.  Not deep enough for concern, but enough to bleed.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Chocolate and Coconut

I think that's an awesome combination, but in my family that's not a majority opinion.  My mom and sister don't like it, and its not hugely popular with my brothers.  My dad and I both like it a lot.  The main debate is about coconut, not chocolate.  My work has a Hawaiian themed tart with those as the main ingredients.  My dad and I tried it today.  Not bad.
My sister and I-and at least one of my coworkers-woke up feeling like we had dust in our lungs.  Not fun trying to work while trying not to cough, especially since it was busier than usual for a friday.  I managed though.

Monday, June 1, 2015


Well, the federal loan place is now attacking my credit, so I have to mail something else to them to get them to back off.  And they'll still be after me until they get it.
Clear skies but windy, made my hour of weeding rather draining.  Then I went to get the last of the paneling off the kitchen wall-we're replacing it too-and found a vent underneath.  Full of spider webs and a dead spider, but still good I think.
Cleaned up the nails too, then got my youngest brother to take the paneling stuff downstairs so its out of the way.