Monday, June 8, 2015

Family History

My mom was going through her mother's side recently, and found an interesting tradition she didn't realize she was carrying on.  It seems that through the female line it was tradition to name daughters after grandmothers-or great grandmothers in my case-rather than the mothers.  She got her name from her grandma, and her mother got her name from her grandmother.  My name came from my foster great grandma, but I still think it counts, as my middle name-also my mom's-came from a great grandma, so it evened it out.  And it continues back beyond my grandmother's name, so I've got idea's for my daughter's names-three for sure. It follows the matriarchal line, so no names from the father's side.
Went weeding this morning-my brother's actually beat me in getting out there this time-and spent most of the time getting attacked by the wild raspberry bushes that grow all along the west side.  Poked my right thumb and index finger, scraped my forearm and the left side of my palm.
Then I was cutting a half frozen english muffin for my breakfast and sliced the outside edge of my left palm when the plastic knife slipped. Sigh.  Not deep enough for concern, but enough to bleed.

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