Tuesday, June 9, 2015


Got called in to work yesterday, as two of the evening employees had to call in.  One was headed to the hospital, the other had some kind of emergency.  Then I get to work and find a list of breads we were out of, which grew by two while I was there. Plus we ran out of tuna and grapes for kids meals.
Then one of the bread makers had a stack of buckets fall on them and cut their upper lip nearly through.  It was swollen when I saw it and they refused-even when the manager told them to-to call in another bread maker and go to the hospital.  It had finally stopped bleeding when I left after 9.
Ran into a brother of my uncle on my mom's side that I hadn't met before at work, as well as an aunt on the same side, and an old coworker.
Made for a rather interesting shift...

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