Thursday, June 11, 2015

San Adreas

I heard this movie got a bad review, and based on the scene at the movie theater on tuesday, I guess that killed most of the desire to see it.  But my mom, sister, and I liked it.  Geared as a family type film, and no hints of politics that we saw, it was kind of fun.  But like the movie Unstoppable, your heart won't stop pounding for pretty much the entire movie.
Went to our local theme park with three of my brothers yesterday, and found that being with boys gets a bit old.  I love my brothers, no question.  But I really wished my sister had come.  Or my mom.  But my sister had an interview and my mom wanted some peace and quiet time.
I guess the clutch that my brother's been claiming is going out is actually wearing out, as my dad told me it was slipping while they were transporting the tile for the kitchen in it yesterday.  And the tires are getting low again, even though my brother filled them last week. New tires, new clutch, this is going to make saving for fall semester very hard.

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