Thursday, June 18, 2015

Almost There...

The tile is down to the edge of the kitchen, but we've still got the fridge area and the hallway leading to the stairs and the inside garage door left to do. Hopefully that will go today-my mom's trying to get it done while my dad's at work, as he's done most of it and his back is making him pay for it-so we can grout tomorrow and be able to use the kitchen for father's day. Here's hoping.
Had to email my teacher again, as I know they're back by now but I still haven't heard from them regarding my grade.  Really like to get that settled.
Got dive bombed by a hummingbird yesterday after dinner.  Saw it zooming back and forth above the bushes behind the house.  Tried to get a closer look at what it was hovering over, as I could hear peeps and rustling.  That's when the foot it was previously going over became a good fifteen to twenty foot u over the area, and twice right at me.  It did it long enough for me to move to our back porch and show my mom as she came over.  We think it's nest might be in that area, but can't confirm without the dive bombing.  That thing is a bit scary when it's going that fast.

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