Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The end of the Insanity at Work...

Which kind of makes it boring, but not really a bad thing.  The two days before Christmas were really crazy, mainly with retail and that kind of thing.  Closed at 4 on Christmas Eve, but still had people trying to come in after.  But they were okay with it I think.
Gah! Passed everything except math again!!! Meaning I've got to try to get into it for next semester on top of the four art classes I've got to take in order to graduate.  Took a while to find one, but here's hoping...
My Christmas involved a late night and rather early morning-2:30a.m. to about 7:30a.m.-so I was very tired for the gift opening.  My sister in law liked the photograph I'd framed of her wedding bouquet, though she's thinking of having my mom calligraphy the date or something on it too.  My second oldest sister really liked the pillow case with pillow I made for her-reason for the late night, had to finish it-but she and her husband are worried about getting it dirty...
I got a bunch of Cross stitch stuff, like a thread holder, a lot of thread-various colors-a cross stitch fabric-not sure how to say that-and a new pattern that looks a lot like one my sister's working on, but not quite the same.
Snowed last night, so I was shoveling this morning until my mom told me to stop and get my brothers out there.  The second youngest went out on his own for about 10 minutes max, then left to go to a bookstore.  The youngest didn't go out until I told him my mom wanted him out there.  At least i got over half of it done...

Friday, December 18, 2015

So Far So Good....

Only one final grade so far, but it's a B+ so I'll take it.  My other english class grade is coming up, so there's hope there.  Math is not online so I'm still stuck waiting for the final grade.  Art so far is an A but that also has to wait for the final to be graded before I know for sure.  I'm really hoping here....
Work was crazy last night, but we had some humorous disasters.  First a coworker was grabbing some pastries from the display fridge and bumped a tray of samples out of it in the process.  Thankfully only a few hit the floor, but it made a bit of a mess.  No real issues in cleaning it up though.  Then I was getting two fruit tarts and two chocolate domes for a drive through customer, had them in the container on the counter while grabbing a box for a slice of cheesecake and had and avalanche of small plates fall over.  They hit the container of treats and knocked them to the floor.  It was closed, so no mess and they were still edible, but they'd kind of mushed together so I had to get new ones for the customer.  Would have really felt bad while telling the manager, but they came out of the walk in fridge after grabbing pastries for the display fridge having somehow dropped a tray of ten fruit tarts while doing so.  The bread makers were rather happy about it.  The manager joked that it was becoming a silent unconscious war on fruit tarts.  And then right before I got off another coworker was grabbing a seeded baguette for the sandwich makers and dropped it behind the panini grill.  We just commented that it was their turn to drop stuff, and the baguette was perfectly fine, just had to retrieve it.
Really cold though, and no more snow.  Was cloudy last night so its a bit warmer today.  Snow kept trying to bury me while falling off the trees as I walked the dogs this morning. Figures...

Thursday, December 17, 2015

It's Over!!!

Got the last of my finals in yesterday, now I get to wait to see how well I did.  Math and the one english class are still on my mind, as I don't know if I'll make it.  Art had a question I couldn't answer, but I did the best I could anyway.  Did my best at my math final, so here's hoping.
Snowed all day monday and into tuesday morning, cleared up for most of tuesday, then came down again yesterday.  We've got well over a foot of nice soft powder, which means its cold.  Lost a few more branches too.  And the smaller dogs are stuck with the trail we made so they can be walked without getting coated.
Now I'm just waiting for next semester and hoping all went well with this one.  If it did I'm only one away from being done!

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Buried Alive!!!!

At least I think that's how the smaller dogs must feel with the snow.  My mom's dog was barely able to get through the shallower areas thanks to the amount we got yesterday and last night.  We lost a number of tree branches too.  Made my work rather slow as no one wanted to travel.  One road nearby was very slow going and no one would allow people in just because they didn't dare stop for fear of getting stuck.
I probably would have if I'd taken my truck, but I couldn't get it out of the driveway-snowplows have created a nice layer of snow, ice, and water right in front of it-so my sister lent me her car with much better tires.  Still had a bit of trouble getting it out of the driveway anyway.
Now working on math studying, which meant digging out all three exams-not that they were buried, just making sure I still had them really-and the practice ones, and the answer sheets we'd gotten for them.  Which is a lot to cover, but it just a review really, so it shouldn't be too bad(here's hoping anyway).
I am so sore from shoveling snow!!!

Monday, December 14, 2015


about finals are totally not cool.  Spent much of last week with them-wither dreaming of losing my final project for photography, getting told off by my english professors(not sure how I can remember that when I don't remember the dream) or waking up fearing I'd slept through my final for math somehow.  Would really hope not for the second to last semester of my college classes.
Got my last english final in saturday, meaning if all goes well that's it for my major so next semester will all be my minor classes.  Tried to study for my photography final test, but its just reviewing the stuff we read during the semester so I just skimmed it.
Snowed all last night and all day today so far, meaning my mom's dog was in danger of disappearing if they fell while I walked them this morning.  Tried to stomp out a path for the little guy, but they still had issues.  Whereas the oldest dog nearly landed me in the snow because they love it.  Crazy dog...
So down to math final and photography final on wednesday.  Which means I have two more days of rather white stress until I'm done for the semester and I can pray I pass everything...

Friday, December 11, 2015

I. Hate. Finals. Week.

This semester has been rough.  This whole week has been really hard-I think all the lack of sleep was catching up to me-so I haven't been writing much here.  Nearly over, but I still have stuff to do. Sigh...
Had my one english final stuff yesterday, including a nice grade on my project but no final grade yet.  Looks like I may pass that one.  The other english final started today, and I have until thursday to finish it up.  Doubt I'll wait that long.  Thinking I 'll get it done tomorrow.  They had it in two parts so the first was an in class thing and the second is online.  Another essay....
Photography is pretty much done, just the test next wednesday on Photoshop-I think, I wasn't there due to a work conflict when the teacher may have told us after we finished presenting our final projects-so that shouldn't be too hard.  They liked my photo's, so that's a good sign.
And lastly math, final is also wednesday, but the teacher plans to review for about two hours before they'll open up the test for us to take.  Really hope to do well, so tired of math and all this deep thinking.  After that I get three weeks to breathe, then it's all photography until April and I should be done! Yay! Would that be considered the homeward stretch?

Monday, December 7, 2015


Sigh, friday worked out well, saturday did not.  Got the three good photos scanned into the computer after I took my quiz-not too bad, though I was a bit confused-and still caught my usual bus home so I could work on my paper.  That pretty much took all weekend and I'm still not done, plus I have a final project due tomorrow that I still need to get together. Sigh...
Did not get any of my photo's done saturday due to issues-lets say a very nasty basement took longer to clean than expected and I lost track of time doing it-but nearly finished my ten page paper so that should be done in time.  Currently printing my photos, which I'm up to 4 for the final.
Went to see the lights yesterday with my siblings and parents-older married sister didn't come, but my oldest brother made it with his wife-which was cool, though we forgot about the devotional happening so we hit traffic trying to park.  Most of us missed it coming home, but my parents and brother couldn't get to their car so they may have got stuck in it on the way back.
My second youngest brother talked us into playing dreydel, and then he nearly lost anyway.  We had to quit as it was getting late.  Bt it was fun playing with two different types of pretzels.  Lit the manora too.
Finals week........

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Grumble, So Want it to be Over....

One week left before finals, and my photography final is due next week.  A poor classmate is having issues with the brand new camera the school loaned to them for the class, so their project is way behind and it's not for lack of effort.  Feel so bad for least I've got usable photos...had to stay up late monday and last night to get the last ones done so they could be developed by friday....
Ankle is still bugging me and my dad had to help me with the ankle brace, as for some reason I could't get it on right. Figures.  Wore a knee brace until then as it helped a little while I was at work.  Sleeping with a brace on is still something I'm not sure of as a good idea, but I didn't want to try and get it off while I was that tired.
Fighting the printer right now to get the last two for the prelim crib today, which I was trying to get done before now and the stupid printer wasn't cooperating...
Oh well, On to the week before Finals week!

Monday, November 30, 2015

Ow. Ow. Ow.

Fell on my way to class this morning-not slip resistant shoes plus below 30 degree weather add a bit of a hurried step, yeah that was not much fun-so now my right side is sore.  Think I twisted my ankle and my wrist.  Bruised and scrapped my knee too.  But a fellow student helped me gather the stuff that went flying as I fell, so it was okay.  Was still on time for class, and things didn't start hurting til about halfway through class.  Figures.
Reminds me of something that happened at work before Thanksgiving.  A air force soldier came in to get some pies and things-they and several of their unit couldn't go home for the holiday, or don't have a home to go to-and the customer behind them insisted on paying for their stuff.  The soldier tried to decline, but once the customer found out that they were getting the stuff to have a Thanksgiving with the others who couldn't go home the customer insisted even after I told them the price.  The soldier was grateful, and the customer was happy that they could show their support while doing something nice.
Got a few pictures done over the weekend, two developed-that I'm working on now for printing-two my dad's developing for me, and three more to take, if not more.  One's ready, but the other in the same holder is not for developing.  Have to try and get them ready for a crit wednesday...
My truck's now working and driving me to places! So no more borrowing my sister and brother's cars.  Of course my truck is very much a cold blooded vehicle so it takes a bit to get it started.  And the side mirrors got messed up so I had to fix those.  But its registered and legal now, so thats how I got to school today.
Other than the shooting on Thanksgiving being so cold I couldn't stand it for more than 10 minutes-nasty wind drove right down the mountain and blew snow/powder in our faces-it was a good holiday. Just got finals to worry about, plus two redo papers and the ten page one for my english class.  Might have one more quiz too, but I'm not sure.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wow, this week is long...Monday I had issues with my film so I had nothing for critique-accidentally exposed it while loading an earlier set so it's got a green tornado covering the night shot of the tree in our front yard that it was supposed to be-but I was there so I hope for participation points at least. One of my classmates had a naked photo-really!! I'd hoped I wouldn't have that in this class!-so it was rather awkward to talk about.  I basically studied the other shots my classmates did and didn't say anything.
Had a make up quiz in math on tuesday, that I hope I did alright on.  Forgot one of the formula's for the second problem, but I think I did the rest correctly-may have forgot a part of that formula too-so here's hoping.
Had classes yesterday too, which was not fun as I waited until almost midnight to pick up my brother-who then got a ride from a coworker-before I went home and tried to help my sister get my truck out of the garage.  We had it back together but the clutch still wouldn't let us put it in gear when I went to bed-about 2 a.m.-so it was still in there yesterday.  Made it on time though, but I was so very tired that I can't say how well I paid attention to what we were talking about.
Had work after that-pie and roll pick up day, yay....-which went til after ten.  It was steady, and we got snow!  I will admit that driving home in the rather icy conditions was not fun when I couldn't get the rear window clear, but I made it without problems.  Had some extra pies, but we still had to pay half price for them if we wanted them.  And I think a few people didn't come for their stuff.....
We went shooting today, which would have been more fun if not for the 25 degree weather and the wind making it feel in the negative at the range.  We did the usual rifle and pistol stuff, then my cousin set up their face card scatter shot challenge-a piece of paper with face cards on it, we all use the same shot gun at the same distance and try to hit the 'high cards' on the paper for our score-which my oldest sister won.  I got a candy bar for trying though.  Forgot to squeeze the shotgun to my shoulder on my second shot and bruised it as a result.
Asked my mom to braid my hair before the dinner and let her play around with it a bit-she did a two sided braid that kind of looks like a tiara type thing-so I don't have to worry too much about my hair.  My brother brought the game we like to play, and my cousin put it we were keeping the tradition alive, and we played that while dinner was put away and the pies brought out.
Want to take shots, but I don't want to go outside for them...

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Getting Better

I think the cold is on it's way out-if it was a cold, still not certain as the symptoms are the same-so I can focus better today.  Yesterday was rather hard-28 day friend kicked in at work about the same time my stomach began complaining and I was still dealing with a stuffy nose-but I managed somehow(thanks, lord).
Still haven't been able to bleed my clutch line. Need the right size hose for a good seal to get the air out.  Plus I do need the fluid for the transmission before I put the gear shift back on still.
Got one picture done for my final, but I have another quiz tomorrow for english and another paper for the other english due friday. and yet another math quiz...
My sister's car battery tried to kick the bucket this morning so i was late to class. Hope it starts when I have to go to work....

Monday, November 16, 2015

That's Better...

Got the hydraulic line in, and flushed it out-the stuff was a dark grey black color when it's supposed to be a transparent yellow-saturday, but still need to bleed it given the drain line is clogged so I wasn't able to do it properly.  A ward member helped attach the  line, and my dad helped me flush it. Turns out he was correct in his idea that liquid trapped in there was under pressure and preventing the line from attaching, as the ward member opened it to see and tried push the line in.  Stuff squirted out but it's in now. Need to give them a nice thank you...
Allergies are still sticking around, but getting better.  At least I can deal with those.  And with my truck nearly back in action I won't be borrowing my sister's car-or my brother's-once it's finally back together.  Down to three things now: bleed the lines, put the gear shift back together, and put the bolts back on the tire well-and attach the battery but thats very last-so it should be done by tomorrow.
Two papers to do, plus that position paper and another quiz for the other english class. Oy....

Saturday, November 14, 2015


I think my allergies are making one last come back for the season.  Woke up yesterday with the typical cold feeling, and I've still got it today.  Would have hoped it was long past that time, but it seems not. Seems to be going away faster though.
Still no luck on my truck, so it's still sitting in the garage-SO CLOSE! come on! Sheesh-but we don't have that much left-still-before its ready to work again.
Work's been rather crazy, but it is getting close to thanksgiving so its not really surprising.  Had quite the night last night, given that we had a few accidents-one involving a bowl full of hot soup, two of my coworkers, and too little space.  Thankfully no serious burns on that one-but nothing we weren't able to deal with despite the rush.  Found some really cute dolls for my mom's 'holiday' shelf that my brother made for her.
Have a few assignments coming up, so time is going to be tight...

Monday, November 9, 2015

Wind and Weather...

Supposed to be windy and cloudy today, which so far it has been.  Should be nice otherwise-not sure if that counts though-for the day I finally get to show my second photo project.  Hopefully the teacher's feeling better-can't say I'm mad when they've been having a lousy week-so it'll happen.
Clouds look heavy enough to drop stuff, but too high. Figures.
None of the snow stuck, so its just cold. Not fun walking around though, my lungs DO NOT like the temperature, at least not for very long. Sigh.
The leaves are finally turning! and falling right off the tree too. So you have about two days to take photo's if you wish-not kidding, we've got piles all over-of the pretty colors.  At least my sister got a large chunk of the apples last week, and my mom's been trying to make stuff to can with them before they go bad.  Juice, yay!
Math test didn't go as well as I'd hoped.  This is going to make passing very interesting. Gr.
Saw Peanuts saturday! about half my siblings couldn't so they're going today while those of us who already saw it are at work.  Good movie, and cute.
My truck is still in the garage! The hydraulic line won't go in! My dad says there may be too much pressure on the valve, or we may have to force it in.  And if that doesn't work we can try pulling the housing back off a bit-do not want to do that-and if that still doesn't work we'll have to get a new one. SIGH..........

Friday, November 6, 2015

Soooo Cloooossee.

I'm so tired from this week.  Have three things left to do on my truck-five if you're counting stuff like the rest of the bolts on the tire well we took off and reconnecting the battery cable-that should be done today, if I'm lucky.  One is get the hydraulic line back on-can't tell that I had problems getting it off-which I'm thinking requires lubrication.  Two would then be to bleed the line-air bubbles make it so the clutch can't disengage-which shouldn't take long. Three is put the gear shift stick back together, but that's not hard.  One of the easiest things to get off, and so far that means it'll be easy to get it back on as long as I do it right. did you know the fluid for the clutch line is the same as for brakes? I wonder why...
My poor photo teacher go the flu, so we had monday and wednesday off-would have been nice to have some warning, but I can't blame them after all-so I've still got to present my second assignment. At least I've got it ready this time...
We got snow! Yesterday and today, though it only stuck yesterday, and melted off rather quick-lame-but it made things even colder.  Not fun walking to the bus when it hurts to breathe.  But I like snow despite that.
Math test today, which I feel good about six of the questions, had no problems with those.  The other four were interesting.  Two I kind of raced through so I probably won't get a good score, but I had to catch the bus.  The other two I tried, but I'm just not sure if I got the formula right.  May-most likely did-have messed up the graphs for the second two anyway.
My mom wants nachos for dinner, so I need cheese...

Friday, October 30, 2015


So tired, and with nothing to show for it. Sigh. Stayed up late with my two youngest brothers trying to get the transmission in to no avail. A friend recommended an altered version of my dad's idea that should work-they happen to be an automotive tech-that I want to try, but I can't get it registered today because it's still dismantled. Grr.
Somehow got up on time-will admit my second oldest brother helped by dragging me out of bed for prayer-to get to the bus, but I nearly fell asleep going to and from because I was so tired. Presentation in english went well, for nearly forgetting it was today-but having already got it ready-and so that was ok.  Math quiz is kind of a shot in the dark, given I'm not sure what I was remembering to do. Here's hoping...
Had frost this morning, so it's cold.  Made walking around harder due to energy loss-did not help me stay awake at all-plus the wind was not helping.  Rain last night may have contributed to the cold, but some things were still dripping despite the frost.

Thursday, October 29, 2015


Well, this week has its good and bad spots. Tried to get the transmission on my truck monday-may have already mentioned that-and so far it's still waiting for us to get it right.  And everything else can't go on until we get that part in. Sigh.  And everything else should go much faster...
My tuesday-thursday teacher is not feeling so goods we had a sub(cool person with a british accent mixed with an irish lilt-to quote a classmate-that was really enthusiastic) for tuesday and today. they really like to talk about england, so we didn't get as far as we might have-hard to say as the regular teacher is enthusiastic in their own way-otherwise in the subject matter for the week. Hopefully we'll get it done today.
My photo project for yesterday didn't happen due to a printer issue-two were not working and the one that was was being used, there were two others but they were in a locked room and so not useable-so I have to get it done for monday(thank you teacher for letting me do it later, though I'm sure I'll get docked a bit for being late anyway)and am trying to print now.  Printer still isn't liking me, but mainly because the paper is on a roll and likes to skew in the printer. Sigh. Otherwise it's going well thanks to my already having touched up the photos monday.
Ran into a classmate on the bus and we got talking about the final project while the bus took a detour-no idea what was going on, all we saw was a police car with lights going blocking our side of the road just past a traffic light.  It meant my classmate might have been late for their class. I'm just here early so it didn't matter much to me.

Monday, October 26, 2015


Got the flywheel and the clutch in place, and got the slave cylinder stuff ready so the transmission housing can go back on as soon as I get home-and find two bolts for it-which means I might have my truck back today! Granted, I still need those bolts, plus the lock nut and bolt for the support bearing, and a replacement for the one that snapped off in the differential. But it's finally getting put back together, just in time to get it inspected for registration. Go figure.
Have my second assignment for photo to print today-if my classmate doesn't have more car problems again and they remember the paper-plus I need to scan in my last four-six pictures so I can print those too.
Nearly forgot about my presentation friday, Victorian marriage should be interesting. Just have to give them a background to it, no big deal except I haven't started it yet...
Had a laugh at church yesterday when another ward member was complimenting my cross stitch project and mentioned that they always got knots when they tried.  Not fifteen minutes later I not only had a knot, but I'd sewed it into the back of the pattern without realizing I'd gotten it knotted.  Had to unravel a good 10-15 stitches to get to the knot, then unsnarl it. Got to love it when that happens...

Friday, October 23, 2015


My truck finally has the pilot bearing in-after two weeks-so I can get it back in one piece tomorrow I hope.  Just have to get it back from the auto repair first.  But it's finally ready.
Work's been a bit slower, but my coworker's and I have had some fun moments-thankfully nothing involving messes, just playing with each other-during cleaning.
School's getting back on track.  Hopefully this weeks math quiz is good, as I remember how to do both problems while taking it instead of after(thank you lord)and I believe I did it right.  Photography's been interesting, as my dad's been kind enough to run my color film to a developing place near his work all week for me so I have the photo's-most of them-ready for printing.  The poor classmate who ordered paper for us is having car problems again so I don't have any prints ready for wednesday. Sigh.
Got my short essay in and redid my position paper this morning, so hopefully that will put that english class back on track.  Other one has a big project due at the end of the semester, so I've got to work on that soon.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Well, That Helps-And Doesn't.

My english teacher moved our bigger essay back so I have another week to work on it.  Had a subject and was working on it in my head but hadn't gotten it down yet.  So the rush isn't there just yet.  Math is taking a roller coaster on me.  The quiz today was about 50-50 on how I think I did.  Yet the stuff we're doing next week is very familiar.  Why must it be like that?
My truck is still at the auto repair because they've come to understand why I was having issues with the pilot bearing and they don't know how to take care of it so they can get it in there for me. Figures.  So I won't get it back til next week looks like.
Work's been a bit weird, given its a weekend off for schools-not mine, but the lower grades-so they don't have to go in til monday.  Had yesterday off too, and wednesday I got off late due to a last rush before we could start cleaning.  Not that I mind...

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

So Close...

The truck is getting the pilot bearing in it-if it's not in already-so I might have it back tomorrow! Yeah!  Of course I still need the five bolts and the lock nut, but I can start putting in back together after work today if its done.  Be soooooo nice not to have to bug my siblings and my parents for rides-not to mention having to give them gas money-and be behind the wheel of my truck come snow and such.
School's going as usual.  Still fighting for a pass in math-big surprise-got ready for my next assignment in photo, had a paper due in one english class monday-which I had to scramble on-and another for the same class but much longer due next week. Sigh...
Gotta love midterm, huh?  Of course I don't have any tests, but the paper kind of counts.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015


Things are starting to get back to normal after the wedding. At least we got the front room back-was full of chairs from the sunroom so it could be used(not that anyone did)as a dance floor-and are working on the t.v. room which still has a desk or two in there.
General Conference! I got to listen to most of it, though thanks to a exposure issue I missed part of the first one. I was able to hear the end of the second-my coworker was rather annoyed at missing Elder Oaks(?) talk as he's their favorite-before I went to work.  Listened to the sunday morning one while making the usual waffles, then we spent the two hour break trying to find a way to watch it on the big screen.  It worked in the end, though I think we wigged out the clearplay hoping to show it through there-didn't work-before we found a way that worked.  My sister is thinking we could do the suggestion by one of the apostles, to 'ponderize' with both parts of it.  Not sure how well the money one will go, but I'd like to try the scripture one.
Had to book it to school early monday-nearly wound up being late to math as I had to develop one last shot for the first project.  Was panicking because I only had one print ready by the time class started, and then found out-with at least two of my classmates-that the due date had changed to today. On the one hand it meant I was able to get the rest of my prints, on the other it was a little annoying to have missed part of conference and spent the morning running around for nothing.
My mwf english teacher had some conference thing so we don't have class today or friday.  Which for today meant I could run back home and get the cell phone I ran out the door first thing this morning without.  Glad nobody noticed, or at least didn't hear the alarms going off.
We also had a downpour yesterday that was heavy enough it 'set off' the fountain in the backyard without the pump.  Also made it so I missed the bus and my sister very kindly took me up to school so I was only 15 minutes late rather than missing yet another full class.  Funny thing was, that downpour woke me up on time for class, the bus just came a lot earlier than usual.
Getting the hang of drive-was on it all night yesterday-at work, and they still say I'm 'killing it'.  I think it helps that I've already got register down, so all this was was learning to multitask(as in talk to someone and remember their order while getting stuff for an earlier order)and work the headset.
Here's hoping the first assignment goes well...

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Its Over....

The wedding is finally out of the way.  Of course that made sunday and monday crazy.  The music was my department and other than some issues with the first song not playing out of the speaker it was fine.  People liked the dinner music-Lindsey Sterling per the brides request!-but never really got the dance part going.  Had a group of four who stayed to dance despite the mosquito haven they offered-still have a few bites on my ankles from that-so they had fun.
My poor brother had a nasty encounter with a large splinter, a hammer, and his left hand right before the ceremony so he had to take pain meds to get through without shaking so hard he dropped stuff-felt so bad that we couldn't get it out, he went to the E.R. after-but he was okay later.
My truck is finally to the stage where I can start putting stuff back in! That'll be tomorrow, at school or work all day today. Sad that I had to take it to the local auto repair place, but at least the broken chisel and the brass bushing are out of the way.  Have to replace five bolts though.
School is turning interesting.  Having to balance work with it-can't just do school as I'm paying for it myself-makes getting homework done very hard.  Math is still a struggle, but not as hard as it's been.  Wish I could find a way to make it easier...
Drive is fun though I have had issues with mixing up words while speaking-being tired does not help-and so far my coworkers are willing to let me practice.  Spent all yesterday's shift being drive, so that was a good practice. Really tired today, so I may avoid it.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Getting Better...

The craziness with my brothers wedding and school and transportation issues made it really hard to write for a while. Sigh.  But I'm getting into the hang of things.  Not sure where I left off, so here goes.
Saturday was working on my scooter, finally getting the deck steps back together-had to wait for monday to screw them down though-along with all the other stuff.  Had to rush a paper for one of my english classes(really hate doing that)so I'm not sure how it turned out.  That what I get for forgetting the thing.
First big quiz in my other english class went very well, 100% so far.  Had to do a presentation in that class yesterday-which my mom helped me out with, as my power point won't work at school, but hers does-that went well.  Not sure if it counts for much though.
Missed my brother's birthday dinner as class ran late and I had to use the money I'd saved for lunch instead. Played whack a mole with the stupid nails on the deck as I swear they popped up every time I put the hammer away.  We got to take pictures and develop the film in class, which was fun but tedious at the same time.
Got things worked out with my truck-I hope-so tomorrow the broken chisel comes out and I can finally put it back together.
My brother got a new car, which he's letting me use today to get to work after school. Class was cancelled for tomorrow so I have all day to work on what I need to.
First big math test next week...

Wednesday, September 16, 2015


Rain every day so far this week-not counting sunday, which was cloudy but nice.  My oldest niece stayed over from the day before so her parents came to get her and joined us for dinner-plus cake and ice cream-so that was fun.  Monday my sister insisted I use her car due to the rain, which I had asked her but forgot why and so was thinking of walking.  Turned out to be a good thing as we got our view camera loaned to us that day in photography and trying to get it home in the rain with all my other stuff would have been hard.
The bridal shower went better than my mom feared, had quite a few people there and plenty of gifts for both the bride and groom-it was a tool/bridal shower-so everyone had fun.  We were babysitting the girls again that day so my youngest brother was chasing them and the other little kids around for the first bit so the adults could talk.  My youngest niece managed to sneak downstairs and so her dad and my sister and I had to hunt for her.
Tuesday was still raining and I wound up giving a friend a ride home as they lacked any sort of rain gear.  Glad I was using the car then too. Went to see a play of Oklahoma with my grandma so it was a late night again. And I nearly overslept this morning as a result.
Today my sister had to drop me off at the bus stop as it was raining even harder and the scooter just wasn't a good idea-my mom teased me about not wanting to be a duck-so getting to work will be tricky.
First big assignments are coming up, so I've got to get on those...

Thursday, September 10, 2015


My scooter is nearly out of gas again, and the rear tire is not holding air for very long-kind of have to pump it up every day now-so I'm a little nervous about driving it.  Walked to the bus today to save the gas.  Think I got a little dehydrated as I forgot a water bottle...
Had to explain my work situation to my photo teacher for the first time-it worked out last week but not yesterday-and they were understanding.  Got my boss to limit the time I come in til 5 so I'm not cutting out as early.  Had an amusing conversation about emotcons after that.
Took care of the ticket from last week, though I had to dig out my change jar to pay for that and where my account at the bank went over. sister helped me out with that. She stayed home from work with a nasty headache(she did not like driving as it still hurt)and helped me find the courthouse.
Another quiz tomorrow.  Still drilling the bolt and working on the deck stairs. Think I know what to do, but its always easier in theory than practice.

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Okay(breath of relief)

I can still make this work...Yesterday was not cool though.  The gas I put in my scooter didn't even get me to the highway, so I was late to class and missed my first math quiz.  Thankfully the teacher will let me take it on tuesday(YES!)so that won't cause issues.  Plus some ward members my whole family is good friends with came by and helped me out-and discovered a slow leak(though it may not be as slow as I would like)in the rear tire.  Put air in it but its still mushy. And they very kindly filled my tank so I had no trouble making it to my second class-english-but I was still mad about math.
The wind yesterday was threatening to blow me off the scooter, and yanked my head if I moved it in any way.  Have to fix the helmet a bit due to a gap between my chin and the front allowing the wind to suck the moisture from my eyes-not fun at all-so I can drive without my eyes feeling like sand paper.
Wanted to enter something in the fair-last day to enter is today-but have no means of getting it there in time. Oh well.
Work was nice, given my coworkers all felt similar to me and so we were being nice to each other-when we weren't laughing at some random thing that happened in a rather funny way-for the night. Ran into a couple of teachers from the school I worked at for three years.  So not bad.

Thursday, September 3, 2015


My truck is still useless, with the stupid pilot bearing-old one-stuck in there.  My first day of classes went well, but the second day didn't. Had to ride my scooter and got pulled over because of the registration.  Now I've got a citation to deal with as a result.  Plus I was late to class-thankfully not the only one, but not much-so that made me rather cranky.
Then yesterday I got in an argument with my sister about driving to work with her than taking her car to school-it didn't go well-so I wasn't in a much better mood.  a coworker asked me to cover their late shift due to a family issue.  I thought I could make it on time but wound up being a few minutes late(hence the agh) but my manager was okay with it since I was able to warn them in advance.
Today was better, though I stayed up late venting my feelings on the growing pile of dishes in the sink and the dirty counters.  And my brothers got in an argument while I was eating breakfast so I had to break that up. But I ran into my best friend at school-which was awesome as its been a while since I've seen them-so that helped me get past it.  And ran into another friend later as a further good moment.
Mother nature intervened with me going to the temple today-grr-but I can go next week.
My scooter ran out of gas at the end of my street-would have been bad, but it was on my way home so I didn't have anything pressing to get home for, and it was all downhill to my house.  So I could coast at least part of the way there and not have to push so far.  Still tired when I got home though.

Thursday, August 27, 2015


Looks like we'll have to break that stupid pilot bearing to get it out.  We can move it but it still will only go so far.  Spent last night with my dad yanking on it.  He's thinking I should get a metal chisel and break it-don't have one at the moment-with hopes that it won't damage the crank shaft.  We'll see.
The dean agreed with my professor, so I'm stuck taking that class again next semester-too late for this one, I've already got it set up-and still hoping to graduate in april. I hope...
Rode my scooter to work tuesday after my dad bought me a new battery for it.  Rather nervous for a number of reasons, but it went rather well I thought.  It's still hard to get that thing up on the stand, and back it into the garage.  I've worked out a way to get it up every time-involves standing straight up on one foot on the lever, but it works.  Takes a bit of a balancing act but I think I've got it down.
Can't use it for school, just can't go fast enough on the highway to be efficient for travel.
My sister got the riding lawnmower working, which I think my youngest brother is using at the moment, but it could be our neighbor who has a similar one.  So much to do....

Monday, August 24, 2015


got the clutch off, then the flywheel-which my dad got turned so it won't wear on the clutch faster than normal-now the pilot bearing(what's left of the thing) won't come out, so that's today's headache.  And the other bearing inside the bell housing needs to come off.  But that's nearly done so I should have my truck back this week, wednesday I hope. Have two blisters from tightening down the bolts for the bed, so turning stuff was not fun saturday.
New tip: loosen all bolts first, then the order of removal doesn't matter.
School starts next week, and I hope I've got it worked out so I can pay for it. Saw a really pretty woodpecker this morning, but I'm not sure I got a good video of it.

Friday, August 21, 2015


My dad managed to remove that last bolt last night with very little effort.  When we got the transmission off and out of the way the bolt my sister cut the head off of came out by hand.  Goes to show that we really pinched the stupid things.  So now I can change the clutch. Just have to replace those two bolts when I put it back on.  The clutch is still mounted on the oil pan area by six bolts, which hopefully won't be near as hard-or I'm going to be very annoyed-to remove.
Word for future reference: when getting the transmission off take the top two bolts off first or you're in for a lot of trouble.  Even if you don't think they're there, they are.  And getting them off last is not a good idea.
Of course I still need to tighten down the bolts holding my bed in place-gas tank's already back up and the new filler neck in place-and get the transmission back on, but we're waiting til there's more than two of us to do it.  Took three of us to get it out of the way.
School starts in a week, which is going to be tricky paying for it.  Got enough saved that it shouldn't be too hard, but we'll see.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015


Getting somewhere with my truck, even if we had to cut off one of the bolts-again-to get there.  Having to break the second one, which is the focus right now. But we're a lot closer to changing the clutch. But running out of time, so hopefully today it gets done.  But I would still have to get the new bolts-up to three different kinds now-and the clamp lock for the center support bearing. That can be done once the clutch is replaced though.  And shouldn't cost too much...
Heard back from the dean about my grade, and for the moment they are agreeing with the teacher.  Still talking about it though.
Work is getting interesting, as two of the night shift people I work with are leaving-the one on a mission is really only coming in to help when we have missing people(seems a lot of my coworkers are getting their wisdom teeth out this summer)-so we've got more hours opening up for the rest of us, but it leaves us a bit shorthanded.
Rather hard to mow the lawn-kind of fell to me since all my siblings are too busy and my parents are not quite up to it-when the grass is wet so I have to wait til this afternoon.  Got attacked by ants while weeding this morning.  Only the small black ones, but they were biting so I quit a bit early. Sigh...

Thursday, August 13, 2015


Okay, been a long week.  My dad's afraid I'll have to tow my truck-we've taken it apart enough that I'd have to tow it there-to a auto place as the bolts are still not coming out. My sister's found a few techniques she wants to try before we give up though.  Here's hoping they work, but its still a one person job so I can't help.  She just keeps me informed because it is my truck.
So kind of water line repair construction is going on up and down our street, and at the moment we're stuck in our house unless we want to walk-and I'm not sure they'll let us do that-along with our next door neighbor due to a hole in front of the west exit of our driveway and the equipment in front of the other end. Out neighbor was out there talking to them when my mom and I discovered this-she needs to get her car from a bus stop area and asked me to drive her there-but so far we're still stuck.
Work was a bit crazy tuesday as we had a rain storm that showed my dad's cement wall worked, but now we've got other leaks. Sigh...and the disposal isn't working, the clothes washer doesn't want to work-need to do laundry saurday...-dryers are iffy and the dishwasher still doesn't work.  So we've got stuff piling up. But work was a bit fun despite that.  I did get off late-big surprise-and the manager for that shift accidentally knocked a stack of trays over onto the sandwich maker behind them, scaring all three of us-they were helping me with a rather large stack-and pausing things while we got them back in place.  No injuries and not really a mess, so it was just funny.
Went to an amusement park with my parents and siblings-oldest brother didn't make it, and the second youngest had to work-which was fun but had its rough moments.  I got jammed against the side of a tube boat during a water ride and bruised my thigh, sister-married one-got a bit sunburned, miscommunication resulted in spending and hour trying to find each other.  Then we got on a few spinning rides for my nieces-the few types the youngest could get on-and spun a bit too much so we adults were a bit dizzy.
Could be worse I think...

Tuesday, August 11, 2015


It flooded us again! We got a microburst while I was at work friday, which blew out a park booth thing my mom was doing with her painting, and of course guess what we had to drag out to dry saturday? Yep, those big black rubber mats.  My poor dad threw his back out the first time, so he had to stand and watch while the rest of us did it. My brother's fiance helped dig canals while it was raining and she got soaked.  My dad's tired of it so he built a cinder block wall to hopefully hold the water out next time. He used the dirt-our soil is mainly clay and so far is holding but it hasn't rained enough to test it-to hold them in place.
My truck is still not out of the garage! Thanks to the rain we've had to focus on the once more drowned workout area which takes a lot of the energy the truck uses.  One bolt on the transmission-okay, two actually-won't come out and its in the worst spot! Sigh. My sister's trying to get them loose right now. Two people can't fit in there so its a one person job.  No leverage either...
School starting soon, savings low....

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Oh Great...

That rain we had on monday did have a downside.  The drain spouts for our roof got clogged and so it flooded the workshop/workout area and part of the laundry room.  My siblings and I spent a good half hour trying to block it out of the laundry room-failed to realize just how bad it got the workshop til after it stopped-and prevailed using pool floaties.
Problem with it flooding the workout area is there was good wood in there-we managed to save the stuff that got wet, the rest was out of the way-and those seriously heavy black rubber mats they use in gyms and such.  Anything larger than say a foot square needs two hands, and most of ours are at least 4x4 or bigger. Which requires two people dragging them to move.  They are dry now, but we don't have the man power to put them back in place.  So they're in a stack waiting for more hands.
My sister got the bolt off that I cut monday, and so we were able to remove the drive shaft-YES!-and drop the back end of the transmission.  It got too late last night to change the clutch, but it's ready and waiting for today.  Still need new bolts and am waiting for the new filler neck, but I might have my truck back this week!
She also got my dad's old motorcycle up and running-temperamental from sitting for so long in the garage-and so he hopes to get that registered and insured so they could use it before it gets to cold.  Reminds me of getting to my scooter, but I don't have the money to register and insure it right now....

Monday, August 3, 2015


It was threatening yesterday, but only sprinkled for a bit.  This morning its full rain and humidity-we need it, but it made sleeping a bit interesting.  Hope it helps the potatoes...
Met my brother's future mother and grandmother in laws, which was fun.  They enjoyed touring the backyard and talking about the garden-nearly got the weeds out, but the rain is preventing that this morning-as well as our fruit trees.  Say that the apple ones have worms-big surprise-and our pines have boring beetles.  That would explain the holes dotting the trunks.
Tilted the bed of my truck to get at the gas tank saturday, so now it looks like a dump truck with a shell.  Just had to remove the four front bolts on the floor and loosen the back two and tilt it up.  Things heavy with the shell and all, but my dad and I managed.  However, as my dad put it, they didn't design the gas tank to come out.  Even after we tilted the bed and disconnected the hose line-found out why it can't be a full tank, the refueling hose is cracked right around the top of the tank-as well as the fuel pump, the rear axle blocked any attempt to pull it down and out. Sigh.  Thinking of removing the bed entirely and going the opposite way, but that requires more than my dad and I to do.
Had a crazy dream about it last night too, where we'd removed the shell-probably need to if we're removing the bed-and I was backing out a truck just like mine and hit the front drivers side of my truck(in the dream I knew it'd crushed the battery)and was then trying to figure out what I could do about it.  Glad when I woke up and knew my truck was still in the garage and undamaged.
Not sure how paying for school's going to go....

Wednesday, July 29, 2015


Spent yesterday trying my new socket on those same stripped bolts without any success, so I'm sending it back to them.  Managed to bruise five knuckles and bloody three of them on top of the bruises, so it shows how hard I was trying.  My dad came to help after he got our new faucet installed(We can wash dishes in the sink again!)and had no better luck.  Turns out we can remove the gas tank right next to that area-just have to siphon off the gas as it's over a half tank(meaning nearly ten gallons)so it doesn't squash us-and therefore get to the bolts much easier.
Went tubing near Yellowstone over the weekend-among other things like four wheeling(where my mom got lost on a back road so we went a lot farther than planned)-and stepped into rather sticky mud and got some cuts and bruises from that.
We kids all got a bit sunburned from that, thanks to running out of sunscreen-my poor sister's legs are the worst, and she's got work today-so aloe vera has been in use as well.
I also wound up driving home thanks to that, which meant pretty much all day behind the wheel.  Towards the end I really wanted to get home-and it's been a thing among my siblings to try and beat my dad home-so I set the cruise control at 80(the driver ahead of me was going that fast)and spent the last half hour that way til we neared the exit.
Still don't like driving, and I was very sore afterwards.

Thursday, July 23, 2015


Should not get enthusiastic about pulling weeds when I haven't put that much effort into it before.  Gave myself a rather nasty blister on the side of my right index finger for it.  Funny that my left one can take it, but I have been going easy on my right hand til now.  Managed two buckets of weeds despite that, though it was an interesting exercise.
Work was rather busy yesterday, thanks to a micro-burst I believe.  Wound up getting off 45 minutes late-not really a bad thing, as I still got paid for it-but my employee evaluation got put off because the manager doing it was working as well.  Can't talk to employees and run the store at the same time. Just doesn't work.
My sister got some new sockets and wrenches to try to get the bolts off my truck, but they still couldn't manage it.  We tried heating it then cooling it with a socket on, but  that just stripped off again.  Almost crumbled actually.  Hope I get my socket today so I can see if it works better.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015


The heating of bolts really only resulted in a rather startling display as the (very old) propane torch caught fire-I have no idea why, there were no sparks or anything-right around the control knob.  Thankfully I was able to put it out before the knob was damaged, but I kind of gave up on heating after that.  I was very glad I'd chosen to try heating the bolt furthest from my gas tank so that was never at risk.  And my hands were much lower down on the tank.  I'd also pulled my hair back and shoved it under my shirt so nothing beyond the torch caught fire.
Found this tool online that was made to remove stripped bolts of all sizes, and ordered one since nothing else is working.  Here's hoping...
Employee evaluations this week, I'm nervous...

Monday, July 20, 2015


Just read a post about self driving cars.  They think they will make the human driver obsolete, which I will admit they have a point, but no computer is without fail.  Storms and weather can effect current systems, and should they remove the steering wheel, how can a human occupant control a car should the auto pilot fail?  Yes human error causes most crashes, but humans also can avoid accidents that a computer might not.  Or at least reduce the damage. Think on that people.
Woke up to rain this morning, so we're cooler today.  Made the house smell nice too.
Got the lubrication line off, now just have to mess with the drive shaft before I can get to the trans. That's going to involve heating the now stripped bolts, hammering a smaller socket onto them to 'reset' the grips, letting them cool, then getting them off.
Church was fun yesterday, and we watched 17 Miracles in honor of Pioneer Day this week.  Also watched Amazing Grace, which I think is a pioneer story as well.  If you haven't you really ought to watch it. Along with the #IamaPioneer video the church did this week.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

And Nope...

Still didn't get very far with my truck. The drive shaft is free, but still in the transmission as it has a mount between the back wheels and the trans.  Drained the fluid in the trans-and somehow thought there wouldn't be that much fluid so now the very old and very black stuff is on the bottom of the pit in our garage-so at least I got that out of the way.
Made it to the temple with my parents and they actually asked me to do a few extra baptisms-which is a first-so I did fifteen in all.  It helped my headache too, so there was my benefit.
My sister came home from work and is now asleep on the floor of the computer room where I'm at due to a late bedtime last night. Going to try to get her up for dinner, and I'm sure its not good for her back and stuff.  Plus she probably won't get up to her alarms in here either.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Not Again...

Got started on my clutch replacement, and hit a nasty snag.  Turns out my 97 truck has weird stuff.  I guess it was a weird year for ford...The bolts on the drive shaft-which I have to remove to get the transmission out-are twelve point 12mm size that you can't remove with arm strength alone.  My dad tried after I spent about fifteen minutes without it budging.  He had no better luck, and he doesn't have the socket size for his air socket wrench. Gr....
Also sliced my left finger removing the gear shift-not sure why you need to, but I guess it is connected to the transmission-and of course we didn't have any band aids.  So I made do with steri-strips(like super narrow cloth tape that works like stitches but you lay it length wise on the wound to hold it closed)until I got a band aid.  Need to get more though.
Someone in my singles ward that I talk to has to replace the clutch in their 98 ford ranger, but I think theirs is bigger.  And the problem isn't an old clutch, the lubrication line to the gear shift is leaking and it dripped onto the clutch and ruined it.  So before they can replace the clutch they have to fix the leak so it doesn't just ruin the new one all over again.
Went on a walk with my mom this morning, and used my previously unused running shoes. I think that may have been why my ankle was acting up, because it felt much better to walk in those despite adjusting to new shoes.
We're getting raspberries!  But they are still ripening so we've only got a handful to eat thus far.

Friday, July 10, 2015


Kind of humid today, which is mainly due to the rain last night-I suspect-and this morning.  But it meant the weeds were easier to pull-still hard though-so I got in three buckets to make up for last time's one.  Starting a third 'row' in the weeds, which means I'm behind my brother in space cleared but my weeds are bigger.

Helped my mom with a trailer shop-did one theater all by myself-for Minions, which I'm not a big fan of.  I'm sure kids love it, but it doesn't work for me. The trailers were more interesting to be honest.  Goosebumps looks funny, though I think its meant to be a bit scary too-the books certainly were-and yet they don't really go into that.  Might be fun to watch.  Pan looks fun too.  My dad is very anxious for Peanuts, but that's waiting til november.
Did have fun talking to the person behind the box office while trying to get a manager-paperwork, sigh-which made it a better trip than I was expecting when I left.
I'm so bored now....

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Oh Come On.

Went to weed the garden and barely made 25 minutes before it started to rain on me! But I filled my bucket up, so I was able to get some done despite the cats bugging me until the rain came down in earnest.  Between my brother and I we've got the big weeds down to a 10-15 foot patch in the center.  Have a big rhubarb that's gone to seed on the east side of my end, which I have to work around.  Getting there...

Heard back from the dean about my grade, so they're looking into it and will get back to me.  Of course that means they are going to contact the teacher, so that may not get the grade changed, but I can hope.

Work was busier yesterday, so I got off late from work.  Mainly by choice, the evening manager was helping a older pair with a catering order for something and so we had one person for each spot.  If I left there would have been a gap so I stayed until the manager finished then I left.  Smelled like bananas when I first got there, and couldn't figure out why.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Independance Day!

Well, it was humid, which was good as it diminished the fire risk.  I had to work, but it was slow and boring, but not enough to get off early.  We went to breakfast at my uncle's which was sparse-not a lot of people wanting to get up and go somewhere to eat.  Then we got the table back in the dinning room-my second youngest brother and I-so we were able to eat there yesterday. My mom and dad got the sink in place with the help of my three-the ones at home-brothers and I.  My mom got to caulk it, so it's now secure.  But as my dad said on the note stuck to the faucet, the 'well is still dry' as the water is not connected and the drains are still just holes into the cupboard underneath.
Dishwasher is also still in the t.v. room, so dishes are still in the bathtub.  My grandma was being rather unsympathetic about it-I don't have an issue with it, but it is a bit hard on the knees and my sister still can't hold stuff in her left hand-and was joking about her childhood.  My sister and I have started recording her stories because she didn't talk about them much before.
Dumped water leftover from the fireworks saturday on the weeds this morning to help make it easier to get them out.  But there wasn't much so it didn't really help.
No word from the dean yet....

Thursday, July 2, 2015


My dad turned the water sprinklers off for a rainy day, and forgot to turn them back on-hence the nearly dead dry lawn for the past week-so he's had them on most of the week in hopes of saving and bringing the lawn back.  Might lose a good deal of it, as a lot was very dry and dead looking, but we're hoping.  At least the potatoes are managing so far.
Finally emailed the dean of the art college at school, as my teacher won't talk to me anymore.  Can't say if that will do anything, but I can hope.  Better than doing nothing and having to retake the class after all that effort.  I really wish I could get my own camera, as that would eliminate their primary argument, but might not change their mind.  Plus I do agree that cell phones just don't do it when I want good shots.  Too bad I can't afford one.
Celebrating my sister's(both of them)birthday this week, which was fun though the younger one's kids were not allowing for a relaxing dinner. Youngest was grouchy thanks to the oldest, and the oldest was kind of being a brat. Sigh.  But I got to play with the older one a bit to take the burden off my sister for her birthday.
Two steps forward, one back as my mom put it, with regards to the kitchen.  We got the paneling up yesterday, and my mom painted the stuff by the fridge area so we could put it back.  But monday the tile came off the sink counter area-meant a good deal of scraping to get the thin set off so the tile could be reused-before he could put the sink back.  So we're back to square one on that part.  But the fridge is back in place and out of the computer room.

Monday, June 29, 2015


It's getting really hot now. We've got the traditional dry patch growing in the backyard where the sprinklers can't keep it wet enough despite my dad's efforts to fix that. And its really making the weeds an issue to remove.  My dad did get the watering system set up in the garden to care for the volunteer potatoes I uncovered while weeding.
Plus we've got those weird bugs that seem to multiply regardless of what we do.  Need to get bug spray today, they're taking over the window in my room. Don't even know what kind of bugs they are.
Spent wednesday packing and then heading north for a YSA activity that went to saturday morning.  It was fun, though I was a bit sick on friday, but it passed.  Had a fun dance party that night I was able to participate in.  Ran into the girl who was asking me about cross stitch-she called me 'cross stitch girl' when she recognized me-and she still hadn't got around to trying it.  It was a nice trip, although the beds were too hard for me-waking up with bruised hips after only 4-6 hours of sleep is not fun.

Monday, June 22, 2015

And Again.

Heard back from my photography teacher, who claims my final project grade is a result of the whole semester, not just the final presentation-which they did not say at the time to my recall-so the grade is justified.  They also said I did not take advantage of the cameras available at school, though those have restraints just like borrowing my mom's camera did.  I knew about the old cameras, but not the more modern ones, much less where to get them.
So its still under debate.
We've got 90% of the tile grouted and sealing!  Of course that meant staying up til 2:30 a.m. sunday to get the grout right, and a lot of sore muscles.  My mom, sister, and I cleaned it three times this morning then put down the sealant.  That has to sit for 2-5 hours so nobody's allowed on it til then.  We're thinking of putting a second coat on to be safe, but not til the last of the grout is ready.
So close!!!!

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Almost There...

The tile is down to the edge of the kitchen, but we've still got the fridge area and the hallway leading to the stairs and the inside garage door left to do. Hopefully that will go today-my mom's trying to get it done while my dad's at work, as he's done most of it and his back is making him pay for it-so we can grout tomorrow and be able to use the kitchen for father's day. Here's hoping.
Had to email my teacher again, as I know they're back by now but I still haven't heard from them regarding my grade.  Really like to get that settled.
Got dive bombed by a hummingbird yesterday after dinner.  Saw it zooming back and forth above the bushes behind the house.  Tried to get a closer look at what it was hovering over, as I could hear peeps and rustling.  That's when the foot it was previously going over became a good fifteen to twenty foot u over the area, and twice right at me.  It did it long enough for me to move to our back porch and show my mom as she came over.  We think it's nest might be in that area, but can't confirm without the dive bombing.  That thing is a bit scary when it's going that fast.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Nice People

I've been getting parts from a local store whenever my aging truck needs them-if I can do it myself, as there are some things you can't do at home-and today I had to get a clutch replacement kit.  That clutch has survived 20 years and five kids mastering a standard transmission on it.  But its kicking the bucket now, so I get to find out how to replace the stuff.  The owner-I think they own it anyway, as they always seem to be there-gave me a discount on the kit, on top of the discount the store usually has for parts.  Not much, but it helps.
Spent an hour in the garden trying to catch the weeds that exploded after yesterday's microbursts.  Those didn't help the heat, just made it a bit more humid.  So I was sweating for most of the hour.  And I'm sore and a bit tired from it too. Grr.
Moved the tile into the kitchen now, but it's just laid out.  Hope to get it down this afternoon, but I'm also hoping to get the clutch in too.  Might not, so I'll have to see. The floor is a tad more urgent-to me-than my clutch.  That'll hold a bit longer.  Floor's driving us a bit crazy and needs to be done.

Saturday, June 13, 2015


The evening shift manager asked me to take more hours in the evening as they are mainly stuck with new cashiers for that time.  The more experienced ones have been dragged to doing more day shift, and I'm only getting two to three shifts per week so far.  And I have no problem working at night-going to have to work nights once fall semester starts anyway.
Finally getting the tile down, but it's a pain cutting the tile right-my sister's in charge of that one-and we've only gotten the stuff for the dinning room ready.  Most of it's down, but the edges are still just sitting there.  Hopefully we get it all done today, so we can grout monday.
It's getting hot again...

Thursday, June 11, 2015

San Adreas

I heard this movie got a bad review, and based on the scene at the movie theater on tuesday, I guess that killed most of the desire to see it.  But my mom, sister, and I liked it.  Geared as a family type film, and no hints of politics that we saw, it was kind of fun.  But like the movie Unstoppable, your heart won't stop pounding for pretty much the entire movie.
Went to our local theme park with three of my brothers yesterday, and found that being with boys gets a bit old.  I love my brothers, no question.  But I really wished my sister had come.  Or my mom.  But my sister had an interview and my mom wanted some peace and quiet time.
I guess the clutch that my brother's been claiming is going out is actually wearing out, as my dad told me it was slipping while they were transporting the tile for the kitchen in it yesterday.  And the tires are getting low again, even though my brother filled them last week. New tires, new clutch, this is going to make saving for fall semester very hard.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015


Got called in to work yesterday, as two of the evening employees had to call in.  One was headed to the hospital, the other had some kind of emergency.  Then I get to work and find a list of breads we were out of, which grew by two while I was there. Plus we ran out of tuna and grapes for kids meals.
Then one of the bread makers had a stack of buckets fall on them and cut their upper lip nearly through.  It was swollen when I saw it and they refused-even when the manager told them to-to call in another bread maker and go to the hospital.  It had finally stopped bleeding when I left after 9.
Ran into a brother of my uncle on my mom's side that I hadn't met before at work, as well as an aunt on the same side, and an old coworker.
Made for a rather interesting shift...

Monday, June 8, 2015

Family History

My mom was going through her mother's side recently, and found an interesting tradition she didn't realize she was carrying on.  It seems that through the female line it was tradition to name daughters after grandmothers-or great grandmothers in my case-rather than the mothers.  She got her name from her grandma, and her mother got her name from her grandmother.  My name came from my foster great grandma, but I still think it counts, as my middle name-also my mom's-came from a great grandma, so it evened it out.  And it continues back beyond my grandmother's name, so I've got idea's for my daughter's names-three for sure. It follows the matriarchal line, so no names from the father's side.
Went weeding this morning-my brother's actually beat me in getting out there this time-and spent most of the time getting attacked by the wild raspberry bushes that grow all along the west side.  Poked my right thumb and index finger, scraped my forearm and the left side of my palm.
Then I was cutting a half frozen english muffin for my breakfast and sliced the outside edge of my left palm when the plastic knife slipped. Sigh.  Not deep enough for concern, but enough to bleed.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Chocolate and Coconut

I think that's an awesome combination, but in my family that's not a majority opinion.  My mom and sister don't like it, and its not hugely popular with my brothers.  My dad and I both like it a lot.  The main debate is about coconut, not chocolate.  My work has a Hawaiian themed tart with those as the main ingredients.  My dad and I tried it today.  Not bad.
My sister and I-and at least one of my coworkers-woke up feeling like we had dust in our lungs.  Not fun trying to work while trying not to cough, especially since it was busier than usual for a friday.  I managed though.

Monday, June 1, 2015


Well, the federal loan place is now attacking my credit, so I have to mail something else to them to get them to back off.  And they'll still be after me until they get it.
Clear skies but windy, made my hour of weeding rather draining.  Then I went to get the last of the paneling off the kitchen wall-we're replacing it too-and found a vent underneath.  Full of spider webs and a dead spider, but still good I think.
Cleaned up the nails too, then got my youngest brother to take the paneling stuff downstairs so its out of the way.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015


I think I actually got a cold on monday, not just my allergies kicking in yet again thanks to the rain messing it up.  Only downside I really have for the rain.  I tried taking a medication that usually works for my allergies before work yesterday, and it did nothing.  Feel better today, but I ate ramen in chicken broth for dinner and applesause for breakfast.  More soup for lunch, so my throat's much better.  Nose is mainly stuffy, but it makes sleeping interesting.
My sister got a doctor's not so she's not working for the next three weeks. Hopefully her wrist will be better by then.  So far its just been getting worse.

Thursday, May 21, 2015


My brother had his yesterday, which I missed due to switching a coworker for a shift before finding out what time it was.  Wound up going in later and getting off early, but not enough to go to the ceremony.  I did manage to get him a surprise cake-a few store visits to get the decorating done-and some ice cream to make up for it.
Got yet another microburst, which got everything wet if it wasn't already.  Heard that we might be getting rain for the next week or so, which I can't complain as the water reservoir people are still claiming it's not helping the shortage for the summer.
Makes it easier to weed too.

Monday, May 18, 2015


My neck is really sore, but it was worse yesterday.  My dad had to sit me down with some muscle relaxing lotion and really rub it in.  Feels much better-as in it doesn't hurt every time I move now, just has a near constant ache-plus I slept with an extra pillow under my head so that prevented it from going right back to the level it was yesterday.  I think it will take a few days for my neck to stop hurting entirely.
Nearly done with the cabinets, so my sister and I are hoping to finish them while my dad's at work. Just waiting for her to get back from the pharmacy.
My neck thing makes me feel sympathetic towards my best friend, who has a problem with her neck going out so bad that sometimes they can't move.  And I bet it hurts a lot more than mine did yesterday.  I think they're tougher than I am in that regard.

Friday, May 15, 2015


I think I need new pillows for my bed.  Been starting to have neck issues-mainly on one side-for the past while.  Nearly got a migraine last night from it, and had to borrow my brother's new neck heating pad to stave off the worst.  Lame as we were watching Pirates of the Caribbean with dinner, and I spent most of it with my eyes shut.  At least I could watch the wedding scene at the end of the third one.  We chose to watch that part after finishing the first one.
Heard back from my photo teacher finally, but it was just a 'out of town wait til I'm back' type response. Sigh.

Thursday, May 14, 2015


Well, the two people I need to talk to about my photography final are out of the country until June.  I sent both of them an email, so that might get things moving.  Does make it rather frustrating though.
Tried to get the cabinets going yesterday but only got stuff set up and ready.  Can't do it by myself so I'm stuck waiting for my dad to get home.
Tweaked my bad wrist this morning getting a large glass bowl out of the microwave-doing it one handed was a very bad idea-so I'm still stuck with the brace.
My mom got to help seal her dad to her grandparents with my dad and her brother and sister in law yesterday.  Rather cool.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Age of Ultron.

Not bad actually, and I really like the interplay with the team members-like making fun of Captain America for saying 'language' during a fight-and how they've really come together as a team but are still very much themselves.
Monday was, weeding, garbage dump, clearing the garage so the table saw was accessible-though it doesn't work anyway, so my dad borrowed one from a neighbor-got my scooter out for a warm up drive, got stuff to rebuild the molding cabinets, and cleared some trees and bushes out of the front circle per our neighbor's request.  Discovered a nest with four very live baby birds during that part and had to put that branch back in the tree.  I let my sister do the honor on my scooter as she's licensed, and been itching to drive something with two wheels.  My oldest brother wanted to, but I'm a little concerned about letting him.  Don't know his level of experience on that sort of thing.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Mother's Day!

And I didn't get her a present. Sigh.  Had one in mind but didn't have time to get it.  We did finally get the mastic under the hardiebacker and that all screwed down, so on to fixing cabinets and leveling the floor.  Of course that meant a 2 am night, and I woke up at 7 the next morning.  Managed to make her the french toast we have at work, though she didn't get the strawberries with it til after she got back from church.
Work was long both friday and saturday, with two 7 hour shifts.  The late night one on friday ended a bit early, as the manager noted I had an early morning the next day-two in a row thanks to the floor-and told me to go home after the rush.  But saturday was out the door til about 2 with one brief break after breakfast.  My feet were not happy.
Ran to the store for cat food as they ran out yesterday and were threatening to attack each other.  Had to scatter a bunch on the floor so they wouldn't fight to get to the dish.  They ate all of it anyway-the stuff on the floor-so it worked.
Weeding in the garden was hot...

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Of Course

My photography teacher pulled a fast one and gave me a high enough grade to get credit hours but not enough to move on to the next level. Hey! I was trying really hard there!  Sheesh.  Now I have to take that stupid(well, maybe not stupid, but it feels that way when I have to take it twice)class again in  the fall! Gah.  Only passed the two english ones, so I'm still stuck with math too.
Had rain and hail yesterday, which means we discovered that the drain spouts on the roof are clogged. Figures.  But we needed the moisture anyway.
Got to read Firefight! Which there are pro's and con's to that book.  And the ending was rather unexpected.  I did suspect the discovery about Calamity, and some of the stuff that happened to David.  Just didn't quite expect how it was handled.
Might have to complain to the teacher about my grade, though I doubt it'll do me any good.  Have to try though, as I put a lot into that project.  Wants me to get my own camera but doesn't give me credit for the effort?  Do they know how much a decent used one runs at?
Ah well.  The hail was fun and scary, as it was rather loud and the lightning sounded really close.

Monday, May 4, 2015


Passed my english and literature class with an A!  Which kind of helped keep my GPA up after failing math(they list it as a E now instead of an F, but for those of us who grew up with that kind of grading, its the same thing)but no word on photo yet.
We got the wiring done, I think.  My brother tried to shock himself by grabbing a wire after turning off the wrong breaker.  I was trying to help with the hardibacker stuff, but didn't get very far. 
Had to bug the student loan place again, as they are still sending me bills despite my sending in my transcript(guess they didn't get it yet).
Micro burst heading in, which makes for some cool cloud stuff.

Thursday, April 30, 2015


Got to go to the temple today! first time in over a year.  Of course I forgot a brush(no big deal though, I just dealt with it when I got home)but we got to do some family names for other people, which was fun. My mom and I both have water in our ears.
So far I've passed the photo class(need that) but might just flunk math. Oh well.  Can retake that one,but really needed to get the photo one done.  No sign of a grade for my other classes, and the two I mentioned are not final yet.
There's hope though.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Its Over!

For the semester anyway.  All finals are done and turned in.  Had to run in a paper copy of the final and my paper to the lit professor, and I didn't feel like my photo project was done, but I had to deal with what I had.  They still want me to spend time as a cat using a video recorder on my forehead.  If I can get one...
Main goals this week: visiting teaching(2 of 3 done so far), visiting the temple(tomorrow, if I can catch a rid with my parents-really want to!) And waiting for my final grades to see if I passed(please....)
Been doing a lot of reading, as I'm really bored now.  And its only been a day.

Saturday, April 25, 2015


Got the test done, which I feel rather good about.  At least I got a bunch of studying done.  So most of the questions didn't bother me.  One or two kind of had me stumped but the others are good.  Emailed my lit final to the teacher but haven't heard back from them yet. Just down to the last day for senior project-which is workshop-and the presentation of my photo project.
Had a long micro-burst last night, so everything was wet and a bit chilly this morning.  Still cloudy too....

Friday, April 24, 2015


I went up to school to drop off my american lit final, and no one was there.  Felt a bit better because another classmate was there for the same reason, but it meant I have to email that to them too, then bring in a paper copy monday.  Plus the testing center where my math final-the only location where it was available to take, and its in the social science center which is mainly history(figure that one out: math final in the history building?)-was closed when I got there.  At least I have tomorrow.
Studied a lot with my sister last night, but can't tell if it stuck. But I tried.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

And Its Gone

The snow lasted to about yesterday morning, but that was it.  Warming up again rather rapidly too.  Means my brothers get to mow the lawn for the first time today.
We got the panel board down!  Now on to the hardie backer and then the semi solid floor leveling stuff-not sure how long that parts going to take...-before we can get to the cabinets(rebuilding them and putting them back in)and then the tile.
So lets see how far we get today...

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

My Niece

Does not like the fact that I'm wearing the wrist brace and so kept trying to take it off while I was babysitting them this morning.  Her sister was cranky so that didn't help things either.
Plus its snowing in April, and we've got a few inches already.  Not sticking to the roads much though.  My mom's worried about tree branches breaking as most have started blossoming and growing leaves.
Got second to last math homework in, just have the last bunch.  Still need to get a draft of my american lit essay done, and get the photos from last week onto my usb.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Oh Great...

Doctor's Appointment confirmed one thing but brought up another.  I didn't break anything, but I strained my wrist-like a sprain in that I need the brace, but takes a bit longer to heal-and have bursitis(hope that's how its spelled) in my ankle.  That one is basically a sack of fluid behind the tendon which is currently inflamed.  All I can do for that is no running or jumping and ice it if it hurts at the end of the day.  Still takes a while to heal though.
Got my portfolio in! So now I'm down to three classes to worry about.  Photo is going to be a(pardon the pun) photo finish to see if I pass. Math is the same, though I might have more luck with that one.  American lit just has the final book and test-which they let us see the draft so far to prep-and the essay I've already started.
Doing this one handed is not fun...

Monday, April 13, 2015


Every time we think we've got the kitchen down to where we can start putting new stuff back in we have to go down yet another layer.  Finally went down to the floorboards, so we're working on getting under layment down and then a layer of hardie backer before moving up to the underside for the tile layer.
Got my portfolio due today, but I realized I only have to redo a few things, instead of all of it.  Thank you senior portfolio class teacher, as they had us do most of it during the semester.  I just have to redo the research part and the craft essay, find what sample works to include, then put it all together.
Still trying to get a draft of my american lit essay done too...

Saturday, April 11, 2015


Well, the kitchen project is getting longer the deeper we get into it, so right now the kitchen is going to be floor less.  Spent the morning keeping my nieces outside as their parents had stopped by to give us a hand, but they had to leave just now.  You wouldn't think chasing two little girls around could be as tiring as tearing up plywood, but it seems to be, just in a different way.
Trying to get some homework done at the moment, as my portfolio is due monday, my essay I hope to have a draft done by the time class starts monday, going to use the poems I submitted to a magazine for the workshop monday so that's good.  Math is also hitting crunch time...

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Hitting Crunch Time

With school.  One class, that I've already mentioned is just the last few weeks where we are reading each other's stuff.  Another we just had the final critique for and now we get to put the rest of the project together without that input.
Math is getting behind where I wanted to be, but I've still got time.  Trying to work on an essay for early american lit so I can give the teacher a draft today.  But that may not work out. sigh.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015


My dad did some sawing in our floorless-kind of-kitchen so there's a lot of dust in the house.  I have been brushing off my keyboard since I got on just now.  Plus sneezing every so often.
Public reading went well, and now its over with.  Just have my portfolio to turn in by monday, and a small piece of my own work to bring in class next time.  Just so we have something to do for the last three weeks.
Nearly forgot my artist statement for photo yesterday-as did most of the class-so that made things interesting.  Supposed to bring a revised one in next monday.
Did a bunch of cat photo's with a classmate today, after spending the morning with The Scarlett Letter so I've got a headache.

Monday, April 6, 2015

General Conference!

Missed over half of the second session, and one talk during the sunday morning one, but the rest I got.  Having to work saturday made listening to the second session not possible.  So I'll have to get the ensign when it comes out to see what I missed.
Public reading for my senior project class today, so I'm way nervous.  Still need to work on my intro for another classmate, and make sure I've got my stuff ready for it as well.
Been clearing out the flooring in the kitchen last week, so things are a bit dusty around here, and the kitchen is only half available.

Thursday, April 2, 2015


Woke up with a headache since monday, which does not help when I've got to get up for work.  but I've been managing.  Got much closer on my photography stuff yesterday, so I just have a few more shots to take, and others to refine before the last crit.
Been noticing a curiosity at work with the names I'm given for orders.  Today, for example, was Amanda and Laurie.  Had at least five of each.  Can't remember which one's were yesterday for sure, but I think Stephanie was one.
Class for today was out early due to a literature conference, so I finished Walden, then ran it back to the library-thankfully they have a week grace period, as it was that late in getting it back.  Then I found The Scarlett Letter-which took nearly twenty minutes as it wasn't where the computer said it was-so I can get that one read.  Shouldn't be too hard as I've read it before.
Having to tear up the linoleum in the kitchen as the under-layer is starting to rot thanks to a leak from the dishwasher-mainly because of the occasional overfill of soap-so we have to get it out before it gets to the floor boards.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Not Again.

Workout with my mom last night seems to have aggravated my right wrist again.  Then I whacked it mildly at work today so I'm wearing the cumbersome brace again.  Funny how you never realize how much you use your wrist until you can't move it.
Classes yesterday were a bit short due to the absence of the professors.  We still did stuff, but left when we'd gotten done with the assigned stuff.  In the senior portfolio one we were work shopping craft essay's, and my classmates told me not to be so down on my self in it.
Printed nine photo's yesterday, given I spent part of the morning taking advantage of my siblings and mother being on spring break to get some 'cat' photos for my project.
Still need to finish Walden, only 22 pages left...

Monday, March 30, 2015


Studied all weekend for a math test and still didn't do very well. Sigh.  At least I got it done and got some credit, but I'm really starting to agree with my sister in that this system won't tell me what I got wrong so I can work on those areas.  They should make it possible for the homework at least.  Just saying that the problem was partially right only tells me I did something right, not what I did wrong.
Now I've got to find some poems from another class-and figure out what usb I put them on-so I can let a classmate read them.
And take photos and bring them to class today so I can print for wednesday's workshop.

Friday, March 27, 2015


No, I'm not thinking of the common acronym here.  There's a sign block at my work with these letters, but they have it as This Grandma Is Fun or something like that.  Think I should get that for my grandma.
My wrist started hurting at work today, so I'm typing with a brace on-not going so well as I keep hitting the wrong letter or the space bar at the wrong time and having to go back.  Working the mouse isn't fun either. Sigh...
Well, less than 40 pages to go in Walden then I get to start The Scarlett Letter.  Which the discussion from Class yesterday prompted a discussion at home as I pronounce 'preface' as pre-face which bugs my dad.  Can't help that I haven't heard it out loud much and so I guess.
Got my bike down after work today to see how the tires and brakes are holding up as my mom wants to go on a bike ride with my dad and I tomorrow morning.  It's fine, the tires just needed a little air so far.
Stupid brace hit a button that tried to erase everything I'd typed just now. Sheesh....

Wednesday, March 25, 2015


I didn't make the art competition, though it took them a week to get the message to me.  I wonder if my mom made it in.  Have to ask her when she gets home.  But I only have one more to enter, just need to decide what to send in.  I already know what exhibit I'm going for.
got my math homework in this morning, now I've got the second exam to do by friday.  I'm hoping to do better on this one, so I'm going to check out the review sheet the teacher puts up for these.
Watched Baxter, or parts of it.  That movie is rather twisted so I decided to watch Facing the Giants when I got home to 'get my head straight' as my dad put it.  Certainly helped me get it out of my head.
English is hitting crunch time, so I've got to put two poems in dropbox for a classmate so they can intro me for the reading.  And I've got to decide what to say for my intro of a different classmate.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

My Boss

Is weird.  Not a bad weird, just the kind of weird who likes to make you smile when you come in to work so your day is at least that little bit brighter.  Or try stuff you normally don't think of putting together to see if you like it.  Never bad stuff, as its always stuff they've tried first and just want you to enjoy.  Or making pizza for the employees to eat when they get a moment.  Fun stuff.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Not Helpful.

Finally heard back about the church art competition, but the attachment that's supposed to tell me the results is absent in the email.  At least I can confirm my entry to my teacher, but I'd like to know if I made it past the first round. Sigh.
Well, this past workshop for photo went well, but now they want me to spend time pretending I am a cat.  There were a few who wanted me to dig up poor Princess, but there's no way I'm doing that.  Of course the playing a cat part was hinted at needing a GoPro camera-which I doubt I can afford-and someone else filming me at the same time.
Marley got her growth removed, so she's not feeling so good.  But I think she felt a bit better when she realized we hadn't dropped her off and left her at the vet's for good.  But she's shaky and we have to keep her from eating for a while.
Less than a hundred pages left of Walden, but there is very little to suggest why its deemed classical literature.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015


New set of exercises for the week started yesterday, and my pectorals hate me for it.  Raising my arms above my head is a study in will power, they don't want to move that way. Triceps are mainly mad because I was showing my second oldest brother one of the exercises this morning.  Baaaad idea.
Work was made interesting by the same reason, but I managed.  Sold a lot of St Patrick's Day sugar cookies, but was one shy of winning the cashier competition. Sigh.  Sold two after that of course.
Spent a lot of time yesterday deciding what photo's to use for the workshop tomorrow.  Then I went and forgot two assignments for english that were due yesterday.  One I'm bringing next week, the other I just have to take a hit for. gr.
Need to get to math though.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Last Day

Of Spring Break.  And this has been a long week.  Not a very good one though.  Got sick the first part, then nature kicked in, plus I worked 4 days in a row.  So far only got one bit of homework done-still haven't got back to Walden-but I got my tax refund.
It's Pi day! not like the dessert, but like the math symbol.  Though my work is doing a slice of pie for a dollar as long as the customer buys something else with it.  So I hope that's going well.  I'm home taking a break after cleaning. Very dusty in here...

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Of Course.

Middle of spring break and what kicks in? My allergies.  So from saturday through yesterday I sound like I'm sick-not cool for going to work-and have a bit of trouble sleeping, though Daylight Savings Time may have something to do with that as well.
Then I'm just getting over that and guess what kicks in?  I wanted to go do baptisms for the dead today, but I don't have the supplies. Sigh. Wish I could stop waking up with a headache too.
My manager wanted me to try a chocolate chip covered in the cream cheese frosting leftover from a pan of cinnamon rolls.  One of their favorites I guess.  Not bad but I think it used the last of the sugar I can take for today.  New retail person too, just returned from a misson to the Philippines.
We saw a play of Pride and Prejudice Monday, then yesterday took my grandma to see a play of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.  Had no idea what that one was about, but it was rather cute.

Friday, March 6, 2015

Spring Break!

Sort of.  I had my last class for the week yesterday, which was a bit low on attendance-big surprise-but we got out early anyway.
Coworker was teasing me earlier with tape they'd pulled off a box-they stuck it on my shirt while saying "want some tape?" but it didn't really stick so I threw it away for them.
Found out what was going on with my paycheck and got it fixed, but still waiting on my tax refund.  Trying to come up with something for dinner...

Wednesday, March 4, 2015


Well, I have to admit that it made driving home from school iffy, as the lights didn't help with seeing the lane lines under the slush.  I finally had to let another car get in front of me and I just followed them at a safe distance never going much more than 40 miles per.
Was still snowing yesterday morning, to my oldest niece's delight.  We made two small snowmen, then went for a five minute sledding run-the snowmen cooled off her desire to be outside longer than that-before going inside for hot chocolate.  Wound up taking over a hundred pictures during the day as there was a lot to see.  My mom has the camera so I can't put them up.
Saturday at work I got off late, so that meant I was up past midnight exercising.  Monday was late too, but not as much.  Sunday I was kind of out of it, first due to the late night early morning, then due to it being fast sunday.  I managed though.  Yesterday was cardio, but the site was having issues so I was up later than I meant to be.
Had to get up early to catch up on my math homework, which I got some points for.  Nothing til class tonight though.

Saturday, February 28, 2015


Didn't get to write all week I think, but it's been busy.  Monday was the usual babysitting until I went to school, which was better than usual as I made it early and then got the medium format camera so I could take my shots with it, but then didn't get the film til wednesday, so I had to borrow it again.  And of course the film got jammed so I couldn't use it anyway. Grr.
Finally found a math textbook, and it came yesterday-I think, as someone put it in my sister's room(We used her account to order it and then I paid her back)so we're not sure when it came.  But she and my youngest brother kept snatching it from me to look through it so I had to get a bit possessive about it. Sigh.
We had snow thursday, and a few flakes yesterday but none of it stayed for long.  Did cool things down more though.
Have work today so I'm trying to get my laundry done before I have to go.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Well, saturday was spring declutter, then a 7 hour workday ending at 10:05.  Had fun getting to know the new night shift manager despite the long evening-the weather made for a steady line, and we had run out of a few desserts before the 8 pm half off thing started-and the cleaning went well. A few last minute customers made getting out on time tricky, but there wasn't much to do after that.
The two new cashiers were both working, so I got to work expo most of the night.  On the one hand I wanted more practice at that, but on the other I wish it hadn't been so busy for my first time on it for that long.  Thankfully I didn't have too many problems, and the manager and supervisor were helping when they could.
Yesterday I finally got to borrow the medium format camera I wanted to use for that assignment, but I still need the film.  My dad agreed to grab some for me on his way home from work today, so I just have to wait until then.
English was normal workshops, though I got my portfolio adviser during class-the teacher is the head of the creative writing department, so they offered since I didn't have one-and we turned in the journal project at the same time. I need to submit to the journal, as they asked us to, but the poems I'd planned are not yet typed up.
Today was kind of a cardio day, though my mom and I did that yesterday, with my sister and I walking up to the stake center so my nieces could hang out with kids their age.  It's a good 20-30 minute walk uphill one way, but going home was all downhill.  Very cold though.
Now that I think of it, saturday and a bit of friday were more February weather, as we had snow off and on all day.  It even stuck, but melted as soon as the clouds moved on.  But that's why work was so busy.  Plus sunday we had a high wind warning all night and into monday morning, so that kept the temperature down.  Started playing a 'cold shadow' game with my oldest niece on the way home to help her keep moving.

Friday, February 20, 2015


We finally got some rain/snow stuff, but it's been off and on, so just enough to get stuff wet-big surprise-for the time being.  At least we're getting something though.  The clouds are fun too.
My mom's visiting teachers are over right now, so I'm killing time for them to leave before I start dinner.  Not that they would mind if I did it while they were there, I'm just trying to be nice.
Work was a bit busy this morning-I suspect the weather had something to do with it-and my manager's parents stopped by and told me to tell them to 'shape up' as they were talking with the new night manager and another coworker in a rather teasing way behind the cash registers.  They were rather nervous because they didn't know their parents were there.
My sister and I both have a nasty headache, which is not helping my mood, though it's not really a bad one(my mood).