Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Oh Come On.

Went to weed the garden and barely made 25 minutes before it started to rain on me! But I filled my bucket up, so I was able to get some done despite the cats bugging me until the rain came down in earnest.  Between my brother and I we've got the big weeds down to a 10-15 foot patch in the center.  Have a big rhubarb that's gone to seed on the east side of my end, which I have to work around.  Getting there...

Heard back from the dean about my grade, so they're looking into it and will get back to me.  Of course that means they are going to contact the teacher, so that may not get the grade changed, but I can hope.

Work was busier yesterday, so I got off late from work.  Mainly by choice, the evening manager was helping a older pair with a catering order for something and so we had one person for each spot.  If I left there would have been a gap so I stayed until the manager finished then I left.  Smelled like bananas when I first got there, and couldn't figure out why.

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