Monday, July 6, 2015

Independance Day!

Well, it was humid, which was good as it diminished the fire risk.  I had to work, but it was slow and boring, but not enough to get off early.  We went to breakfast at my uncle's which was sparse-not a lot of people wanting to get up and go somewhere to eat.  Then we got the table back in the dinning room-my second youngest brother and I-so we were able to eat there yesterday. My mom and dad got the sink in place with the help of my three-the ones at home-brothers and I.  My mom got to caulk it, so it's now secure.  But as my dad said on the note stuck to the faucet, the 'well is still dry' as the water is not connected and the drains are still just holes into the cupboard underneath.
Dishwasher is also still in the t.v. room, so dishes are still in the bathtub.  My grandma was being rather unsympathetic about it-I don't have an issue with it, but it is a bit hard on the knees and my sister still can't hold stuff in her left hand-and was joking about her childhood.  My sister and I have started recording her stories because she didn't talk about them much before.
Dumped water leftover from the fireworks saturday on the weeds this morning to help make it easier to get them out.  But there wasn't much so it didn't really help.
No word from the dean yet....

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