Thursday, July 2, 2015


My dad turned the water sprinklers off for a rainy day, and forgot to turn them back on-hence the nearly dead dry lawn for the past week-so he's had them on most of the week in hopes of saving and bringing the lawn back.  Might lose a good deal of it, as a lot was very dry and dead looking, but we're hoping.  At least the potatoes are managing so far.
Finally emailed the dean of the art college at school, as my teacher won't talk to me anymore.  Can't say if that will do anything, but I can hope.  Better than doing nothing and having to retake the class after all that effort.  I really wish I could get my own camera, as that would eliminate their primary argument, but might not change their mind.  Plus I do agree that cell phones just don't do it when I want good shots.  Too bad I can't afford one.
Celebrating my sister's(both of them)birthday this week, which was fun though the younger one's kids were not allowing for a relaxing dinner. Youngest was grouchy thanks to the oldest, and the oldest was kind of being a brat. Sigh.  But I got to play with the older one a bit to take the burden off my sister for her birthday.
Two steps forward, one back as my mom put it, with regards to the kitchen.  We got the paneling up yesterday, and my mom painted the stuff by the fridge area so we could put it back.  But monday the tile came off the sink counter area-meant a good deal of scraping to get the thin set off so the tile could be reused-before he could put the sink back.  So we're back to square one on that part.  But the fridge is back in place and out of the computer room.

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