Wednesday, July 29, 2015


Spent yesterday trying my new socket on those same stripped bolts without any success, so I'm sending it back to them.  Managed to bruise five knuckles and bloody three of them on top of the bruises, so it shows how hard I was trying.  My dad came to help after he got our new faucet installed(We can wash dishes in the sink again!)and had no better luck.  Turns out we can remove the gas tank right next to that area-just have to siphon off the gas as it's over a half tank(meaning nearly ten gallons)so it doesn't squash us-and therefore get to the bolts much easier.
Went tubing near Yellowstone over the weekend-among other things like four wheeling(where my mom got lost on a back road so we went a lot farther than planned)-and stepped into rather sticky mud and got some cuts and bruises from that.
We kids all got a bit sunburned from that, thanks to running out of sunscreen-my poor sister's legs are the worst, and she's got work today-so aloe vera has been in use as well.
I also wound up driving home thanks to that, which meant pretty much all day behind the wheel.  Towards the end I really wanted to get home-and it's been a thing among my siblings to try and beat my dad home-so I set the cruise control at 80(the driver ahead of me was going that fast)and spent the last half hour that way til we neared the exit.
Still don't like driving, and I was very sore afterwards.

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