Monday, July 20, 2015


Just read a post about self driving cars.  They think they will make the human driver obsolete, which I will admit they have a point, but no computer is without fail.  Storms and weather can effect current systems, and should they remove the steering wheel, how can a human occupant control a car should the auto pilot fail?  Yes human error causes most crashes, but humans also can avoid accidents that a computer might not.  Or at least reduce the damage. Think on that people.
Woke up to rain this morning, so we're cooler today.  Made the house smell nice too.
Got the lubrication line off, now just have to mess with the drive shaft before I can get to the trans. That's going to involve heating the now stripped bolts, hammering a smaller socket onto them to 'reset' the grips, letting them cool, then getting them off.
Church was fun yesterday, and we watched 17 Miracles in honor of Pioneer Day this week.  Also watched Amazing Grace, which I think is a pioneer story as well.  If you haven't you really ought to watch it. Along with the #IamaPioneer video the church did this week.

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