Thursday, July 23, 2015


Should not get enthusiastic about pulling weeds when I haven't put that much effort into it before.  Gave myself a rather nasty blister on the side of my right index finger for it.  Funny that my left one can take it, but I have been going easy on my right hand til now.  Managed two buckets of weeds despite that, though it was an interesting exercise.
Work was rather busy yesterday, thanks to a micro-burst I believe.  Wound up getting off 45 minutes late-not really a bad thing, as I still got paid for it-but my employee evaluation got put off because the manager doing it was working as well.  Can't talk to employees and run the store at the same time. Just doesn't work.
My sister got some new sockets and wrenches to try to get the bolts off my truck, but they still couldn't manage it.  We tried heating it then cooling it with a socket on, but  that just stripped off again.  Almost crumbled actually.  Hope I get my socket today so I can see if it works better.

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