Friday, July 10, 2015


Kind of humid today, which is mainly due to the rain last night-I suspect-and this morning.  But it meant the weeds were easier to pull-still hard though-so I got in three buckets to make up for last time's one.  Starting a third 'row' in the weeds, which means I'm behind my brother in space cleared but my weeds are bigger.

Helped my mom with a trailer shop-did one theater all by myself-for Minions, which I'm not a big fan of.  I'm sure kids love it, but it doesn't work for me. The trailers were more interesting to be honest.  Goosebumps looks funny, though I think its meant to be a bit scary too-the books certainly were-and yet they don't really go into that.  Might be fun to watch.  Pan looks fun too.  My dad is very anxious for Peanuts, but that's waiting til november.
Did have fun talking to the person behind the box office while trying to get a manager-paperwork, sigh-which made it a better trip than I was expecting when I left.
I'm so bored now....

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  1. I agree on Minions...a little tooo silly for me. ;)