Thursday, March 28, 2013


Sometimes you can get those 'crazy' coworkers.  Not as in they are dangerous, but they have a habit of coming up with the most random yet funny topics for conversation.  At my job we get a half of of break time, and guess what we do when we finish eating.
We do the crossword puzzle in the newspaper.  And have as much fun with it as we can.  Plus we learn new things each time.
Yesterday we planted trees for Arbor Day (yes, we know it's next month, but it falls right on finals week so they chose to do it early to promote volunteers) around one of the practice fields.  We got quite a few volunteers, but most of us were the landscaping crew.
We had one tree were the dirt didn't fill the hole after we put the tree in, and we couldn't figure out how that happened.  It still worked though.  Two trees root balls fell apart as we tried to put them in the hole, so that provided an adventure.
On a down note, try explaining to your coworkers that your standards don't match theirs so you get uncomfortable when they start lowering their language use.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

If you've seen Wreck it Ralph, you know what I mean when I say 'it's hard to love your job when no one else seems to like you for doing it'.  We were raking the grass yesterday because snowplows pushed gravel and debris onto the lawn, plus the snow flattened the grass.  So we wait til right after the snow melts and then we run over it with rake to 'fluff' it up and get rid of the gravel and such.
While I was doing that, a driver came by and laughed at me for it.  They asked-while laughing-what I was doing and then laughed while driving off after I explained.
One of my teachers decided a project I'd stayed up late one night to finish wasn't done the way they wanted and gave me a low score for it.  I can redo it, but I don't have a lot of time to do so. Sigh...

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Good Days

At work:  When new coworkers and old ones loosen up enough to start talking to each other.
When something that might be embarrassing (or just surprising) breaks the ice so said coworkers start laughing and joking without any harmful pranks or jokes.
When the day goes so well there's little left to do.
When the weather turns sour and everyone's stuck inside talking-which is actually fun.
At School: When you pass a tough test and can relax for a while.
When the teacher has to leave early which gives you more time to do homework or study.
When the teacher just lets you out early (whether you're ahead of schedule or not) so you can do other things.
When the teacher wants feedback and actually encourages criticism so them can teach better.
When teachers let you redo rushed assignments so you can improve a bad score and pass the class.
When a teacher decides you've earned a good grade for effort even if your work wasn't the best.
When the semester is over and you can stop lugging around heavy textbooks and stuff.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Oh, Yeah

Then there's getting attacked by a tree while trimming the bush next to it,
Forgetting the parking brake in your car (but catching it before it goes anywhere)
Catching your hair on everything
snowing the night before but it melts before work-then snow once you start work
rains all morning stops through most of work, and start right as you're cleaning up
Forgetting tools you wanted for current project-not needed, but certainly helpful
Failing to finish homework and having to turn it in anyway-and still getting a decent score

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Not Cool, But Funny(later)

This is a list of things that have happened recently at work or school that were funny.  The later part covers some, as they weren't at the time.
Ripping your pants while at work
blowing leaves downhill with a blower and the wind promptly blowing them right back in your face
Getting in the path of a leaf blower just as it hits a pile of leaves, twigs, and debris
The former but with your mouth open
donating blood before work and becoming extremely clumsy for the next six hours
As a teacher sending a class email to the wrong class and confusing a few students
Tripping over loose paving stones while talking to a friend and nearly dropping the tools you're carrying
running into someone while in a hurry (literally, but without falling down or dropping stuff)
Accidentally whacking a coworker in the face with a rake/shovel while putting leaves in a bag they are helpfully holding open for you(not enough to injure, just enough to startle)
Ripping an embarrassingly large hole in your pants while climbing out of a hole at work
That last was one of those funny later ones.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

New Guys...

In some cases getting new people at work can be a pain(I know I've been one while trying to figure stuff out) but in this case the new people seem to know what they are doing.  They just don't know where stuff is.  They also have to take the same tests we did, sign stuff.  Paperwork hasn't died out yet, so that's still a part of a job.
I still have to find where some stuff is, like yesterday we had to find where they store ice melt and salt-the temperature dropped over the weekend and wet areas started turning to ice as the sun went down.  But I know where most of the stuff is so I'm not bothering supervisors or anything.

Saturday, March 16, 2013


I'm beginning to agree with my supervisor about glvoes attracting thorns, as we were trimming today without gloves and I didn't get quite so many stings.  I miss using a shrub rake though-we have plenty at work but none at my house.
We actually have a leaf blower-something I didn't know, but it's new anyway-we just need to mix the gas for it.  We spent all morning clearing leaves-like I haven't been doing that for the past two weeks-and then laying down wood chips-that I haven't done at work yet.

Friday, March 15, 2013


The aid of any who work long hours outdoors.  And if you fail to use it, you tend to get very nasty sunburns.  Hats are good too.  I forgot mine yesterday though, so I had to use sunscreen a lot.  I couldn't get my scalp very well, so that is hurting today.
Getting the hang of school and work so I still get my assignments done and in on time.  I've got a test coming on monday, so I'll have to study a lot this weekend.  Need to get in the habit of grabbing my hat and using sunscreen, because trying to study with sunburns is not fun.

Thursday, March 14, 2013


Sometimes nature has really bad timing.  I'm into my second week at my new job and guess what kicked in?  My allergies.  This is simply where my nose is stuffy and/or runny-often at random moments-my throat gets itchy where stuff runs from my nose down it, and my stomach gets a little queasy from the same thing.  And another fun nature thing for women kicked in yesterday so that just makes it worse.
Got attacked by rosebushes on tuesday as well.  They let them grow wild a bit to help the roots settle, so pruning them was interesting.  The only problem I had was the thorns went right through my gloves.  I've got nicks and a scrape turned bruise on my hands, with additional ones on my arms and legs where the thorns caught my pants and jacket.
So this week has been interesting...

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Shouldn't be funny..

And yet we all laughed anyway.  A coworker of mine was using a leaf blower to clear sidewalks yesterday, and just as he finished one section and moved to the next, the wind blew the leaves from the new section onto the area he'd just cleaned!  They were frustrated about it and yet laughing at the same time.
Speaking of comedy, it's 'election' week at school.  We're electing the officers and such all this week, so there are ad's and campaigns going on all over the campus.  Two candidates for president are competing in the main courtyard using music and sweets.  Walking through there I got blasted from both sides by the two different songs.  I guess they can't play the same song and expect to get different attention...

Saturday, March 9, 2013


You know your sister is in trouble when your two year old niece locks you out of the house-the lock part was on accident, but she did intentionally shut the door-after walking the dogs with you.
Appearantly she locks your sibling and her spouse out of the house all the time.  Yeah, they are in trouble when she gets bigger.

Friday, March 8, 2013


At least it's not snow, but the rain seems to be hesitating in falling right now.  The snow has partially melted, but the bigger piles are sticking around.  The fun part about rain is having to clean leaves out of the gutters at work so the drains wouldn't clog.  They were wet and a little heavy, but it's still better than shoveling snow.
The snow melted enough for us to start trimming bushes and stuff, so that's part of what I did yesterday.  We don't have knee pads, so I used the clipping to cushion my knees after a while.  Given how fast those things can wear out, I can see why they are not terribly practical.  Plush I think the clippings worked better, and that stuff just brushes off.  Still cloudy today, so we may still get the big storm they've been predicting all week.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Okay, I though junior and high school students are bad, but they at least eat their food before throwing it away.  Granted, they don't always throw it in the trash, which is my current problem.  Cleaning up after college students at the dorm is worse.  The flower beds alone were nasty.  I found a metal spoon, a twisted metal hanger, a shoe that is still usable-we have to throw them away though, cigarette butts-most by the dispenser where they are supposed to put them, plastic and glass bottles, and other assorted trash.  Some may have been there for quite a while, but a lot was recent.
And coaches are not much better.  Not with garbage, mind.  They want us to clean a good six inches of snow off the playing fields instead of letting it melt.  We have to use four wheeler type dump trucks to get it out, and we have to lay down a long line of plywood to cover the turf so they don't get mad at us for leaving tread marks.
The football field is the worst, as it's surrounded by the track.  That has become a ice sheet worthy of skating on, not good for trying to clear snow.  We have to clear the track first-using awesome snow blowers that chuck it halfway up the bleachers-without falling down, then blow the snow on the field onto the track. 
I actually got a little sun burn shoveling snow yesterday, and I've got a nasty headache hovering.  It's eased some, but if I'm not careful it will come right back.
Driving the four wheeler dump trucks wasn't so bad once I got the hang of it.  They can't go more than thirty I think, so we have to turn on the flashers whenever we go on a main road.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Spring Break!!!

Okay, I still have to go to work-now that I have a job.  But I don't have school or homework.  I will probably try to get ahead on some things because I can't really go anywhere.  But at least I'm not stressing over things for a week. 
And work's not so bad.  It's finally warming up-we got rain/fog yesterday but not enough to drop the temperature.  And my job is all outside, which I won't complain about that as I spend so much time inside with school.
My younger brother's still looking for a job, though he has a lot more time than I do as he's not going to school.
Had a weird dream last night, one that picked up after I got out of bed for  a while then went back to sleep.  My family had gone to some condo and I drove there to join them.  It was stormy, but no rain.  Kinda weird as the clouds looked like the rain was falling, but there was no sound.  Water spilled on the floor and most of the dream was me listening to their conversation while trying to clean up the floor.  The floor looked like carpet but felt like those rubber mats people put down to protect carpet.  I can't even remember the conversation they were having...
I suppose it would be a better spring break if I could go somewhere, but everyone else has different school shcedules than me.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Late Nights

Are a bad idea when you're a college student.  I had a friend in EMS basic training who felt they always did better when they were both hung over and tired.  Then the day of our state exam-they set it up so that classes go together, although we weren't allowed to wear school colors becuase a smaller college felt it gave us a boost.  This was mainly die do how much we ran through the practical exam in class, not to our school.  You'd think they'd set it up so that the college who doesn't do so well at training should go incognito-they fell asleep waiting for their turn to take the practical.  We had to wake them up when their name was called and they were groggy for the test.
Of course it was just my luck to be the last one called, which gave my nerves the longest to build up.  Most of my classmates had stayed at a hotel the night before-and some partied until about 2 am-I couldn't afford it so I can in that morning. The test took place nearly 30 miles from school, so that made sense.  Funny how I was the first in my class to pass that test though...

Friday, March 1, 2013


I though our dogs were crazy, but they come by it honestly.  My younger brothers-the three who live at home-are corrently wrestling on the floor in the most open room in the house.  The oldest and youngest of the three are tourturing the middle one-i.e. tickling him while he yells.  He tries to claim they are hurting him and that it's not fun, but the grin he can't quite hide undermines that.  He also screams, but it's hoarse and not really load-other than deafening the two holding him.
Started my job in landscaping today.  Only two and a quarter hours of work, but raking leaves can wear you out if you're not used to it.  And it's a job, which took me a while to get one.  Plus it's outside, and I'm getting a little tired of being indoors with school and all the snow.