Saturday, March 2, 2013

Late Nights

Are a bad idea when you're a college student.  I had a friend in EMS basic training who felt they always did better when they were both hung over and tired.  Then the day of our state exam-they set it up so that classes go together, although we weren't allowed to wear school colors becuase a smaller college felt it gave us a boost.  This was mainly die do how much we ran through the practical exam in class, not to our school.  You'd think they'd set it up so that the college who doesn't do so well at training should go incognito-they fell asleep waiting for their turn to take the practical.  We had to wake them up when their name was called and they were groggy for the test.
Of course it was just my luck to be the last one called, which gave my nerves the longest to build up.  Most of my classmates had stayed at a hotel the night before-and some partied until about 2 am-I couldn't afford it so I can in that morning. The test took place nearly 30 miles from school, so that made sense.  Funny how I was the first in my class to pass that test though...

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