Thursday, March 21, 2013

Not Cool, But Funny(later)

This is a list of things that have happened recently at work or school that were funny.  The later part covers some, as they weren't at the time.
Ripping your pants while at work
blowing leaves downhill with a blower and the wind promptly blowing them right back in your face
Getting in the path of a leaf blower just as it hits a pile of leaves, twigs, and debris
The former but with your mouth open
donating blood before work and becoming extremely clumsy for the next six hours
As a teacher sending a class email to the wrong class and confusing a few students
Tripping over loose paving stones while talking to a friend and nearly dropping the tools you're carrying
running into someone while in a hurry (literally, but without falling down or dropping stuff)
Accidentally whacking a coworker in the face with a rake/shovel while putting leaves in a bag they are helpfully holding open for you(not enough to injure, just enough to startle)
Ripping an embarrassingly large hole in your pants while climbing out of a hole at work
That last was one of those funny later ones.

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