Friday, March 1, 2013


I though our dogs were crazy, but they come by it honestly.  My younger brothers-the three who live at home-are corrently wrestling on the floor in the most open room in the house.  The oldest and youngest of the three are tourturing the middle one-i.e. tickling him while he yells.  He tries to claim they are hurting him and that it's not fun, but the grin he can't quite hide undermines that.  He also screams, but it's hoarse and not really load-other than deafening the two holding him.
Started my job in landscaping today.  Only two and a quarter hours of work, but raking leaves can wear you out if you're not used to it.  And it's a job, which took me a while to get one.  Plus it's outside, and I'm getting a little tired of being indoors with school and all the snow.

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