Friday, March 8, 2013


At least it's not snow, but the rain seems to be hesitating in falling right now.  The snow has partially melted, but the bigger piles are sticking around.  The fun part about rain is having to clean leaves out of the gutters at work so the drains wouldn't clog.  They were wet and a little heavy, but it's still better than shoveling snow.
The snow melted enough for us to start trimming bushes and stuff, so that's part of what I did yesterday.  We don't have knee pads, so I used the clipping to cushion my knees after a while.  Given how fast those things can wear out, I can see why they are not terribly practical.  Plush I think the clippings worked better, and that stuff just brushes off.  Still cloudy today, so we may still get the big storm they've been predicting all week.

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