Thursday, March 14, 2013


Sometimes nature has really bad timing.  I'm into my second week at my new job and guess what kicked in?  My allergies.  This is simply where my nose is stuffy and/or runny-often at random moments-my throat gets itchy where stuff runs from my nose down it, and my stomach gets a little queasy from the same thing.  And another fun nature thing for women kicked in yesterday so that just makes it worse.
Got attacked by rosebushes on tuesday as well.  They let them grow wild a bit to help the roots settle, so pruning them was interesting.  The only problem I had was the thorns went right through my gloves.  I've got nicks and a scrape turned bruise on my hands, with additional ones on my arms and legs where the thorns caught my pants and jacket.
So this week has been interesting...

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