Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Okay, I though junior and high school students are bad, but they at least eat their food before throwing it away.  Granted, they don't always throw it in the trash, which is my current problem.  Cleaning up after college students at the dorm is worse.  The flower beds alone were nasty.  I found a metal spoon, a twisted metal hanger, a shoe that is still usable-we have to throw them away though, cigarette butts-most by the dispenser where they are supposed to put them, plastic and glass bottles, and other assorted trash.  Some may have been there for quite a while, but a lot was recent.
And coaches are not much better.  Not with garbage, mind.  They want us to clean a good six inches of snow off the playing fields instead of letting it melt.  We have to use four wheeler type dump trucks to get it out, and we have to lay down a long line of plywood to cover the turf so they don't get mad at us for leaving tread marks.
The football field is the worst, as it's surrounded by the track.  That has become a ice sheet worthy of skating on, not good for trying to clear snow.  We have to clear the track first-using awesome snow blowers that chuck it halfway up the bleachers-without falling down, then blow the snow on the field onto the track. 
I actually got a little sun burn shoveling snow yesterday, and I've got a nasty headache hovering.  It's eased some, but if I'm not careful it will come right back.
Driving the four wheeler dump trucks wasn't so bad once I got the hang of it.  They can't go more than thirty I think, so we have to turn on the flashers whenever we go on a main road.

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