Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Its Over....

The wedding is finally out of the way.  Of course that made sunday and monday crazy.  The music was my department and other than some issues with the first song not playing out of the speaker it was fine.  People liked the dinner music-Lindsey Sterling per the brides request!-but never really got the dance part going.  Had a group of four who stayed to dance despite the mosquito haven they offered-still have a few bites on my ankles from that-so they had fun.
My poor brother had a nasty encounter with a large splinter, a hammer, and his left hand right before the ceremony so he had to take pain meds to get through without shaking so hard he dropped stuff-felt so bad that we couldn't get it out, he went to the E.R. after-but he was okay later.
My truck is finally to the stage where I can start putting stuff back in! That'll be tomorrow, at school or work all day today. Sad that I had to take it to the local auto repair place, but at least the broken chisel and the brass bushing are out of the way.  Have to replace five bolts though.
School is turning interesting.  Having to balance work with it-can't just do school as I'm paying for it myself-makes getting homework done very hard.  Math is still a struggle, but not as hard as it's been.  Wish I could find a way to make it easier...
Drive is fun though I have had issues with mixing up words while speaking-being tired does not help-and so far my coworkers are willing to let me practice.  Spent all yesterday's shift being drive, so that was a good practice. Really tired today, so I may avoid it.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Getting Better...

The craziness with my brothers wedding and school and transportation issues made it really hard to write for a while. Sigh.  But I'm getting into the hang of things.  Not sure where I left off, so here goes.
Saturday was working on my scooter, finally getting the deck steps back together-had to wait for monday to screw them down though-along with all the other stuff.  Had to rush a paper for one of my english classes(really hate doing that)so I'm not sure how it turned out.  That what I get for forgetting the thing.
First big quiz in my other english class went very well, 100% so far.  Had to do a presentation in that class yesterday-which my mom helped me out with, as my power point won't work at school, but hers does-that went well.  Not sure if it counts for much though.
Missed my brother's birthday dinner as class ran late and I had to use the money I'd saved for lunch instead. Played whack a mole with the stupid nails on the deck as I swear they popped up every time I put the hammer away.  We got to take pictures and develop the film in class, which was fun but tedious at the same time.
Got things worked out with my truck-I hope-so tomorrow the broken chisel comes out and I can finally put it back together.
My brother got a new car, which he's letting me use today to get to work after school. Class was cancelled for tomorrow so I have all day to work on what I need to.
First big math test next week...

Wednesday, September 16, 2015


Rain every day so far this week-not counting sunday, which was cloudy but nice.  My oldest niece stayed over from the day before so her parents came to get her and joined us for dinner-plus cake and ice cream-so that was fun.  Monday my sister insisted I use her car due to the rain, which I had asked her but forgot why and so was thinking of walking.  Turned out to be a good thing as we got our view camera loaned to us that day in photography and trying to get it home in the rain with all my other stuff would have been hard.
The bridal shower went better than my mom feared, had quite a few people there and plenty of gifts for both the bride and groom-it was a tool/bridal shower-so everyone had fun.  We were babysitting the girls again that day so my youngest brother was chasing them and the other little kids around for the first bit so the adults could talk.  My youngest niece managed to sneak downstairs and so her dad and my sister and I had to hunt for her.
Tuesday was still raining and I wound up giving a friend a ride home as they lacked any sort of rain gear.  Glad I was using the car then too. Went to see a play of Oklahoma with my grandma so it was a late night again. And I nearly overslept this morning as a result.
Today my sister had to drop me off at the bus stop as it was raining even harder and the scooter just wasn't a good idea-my mom teased me about not wanting to be a duck-so getting to work will be tricky.
First big assignments are coming up, so I've got to get on those...

Thursday, September 10, 2015


My scooter is nearly out of gas again, and the rear tire is not holding air for very long-kind of have to pump it up every day now-so I'm a little nervous about driving it.  Walked to the bus today to save the gas.  Think I got a little dehydrated as I forgot a water bottle...
Had to explain my work situation to my photo teacher for the first time-it worked out last week but not yesterday-and they were understanding.  Got my boss to limit the time I come in til 5 so I'm not cutting out as early.  Had an amusing conversation about emotcons after that.
Took care of the ticket from last week, though I had to dig out my change jar to pay for that and where my account at the bank went over. sister helped me out with that. She stayed home from work with a nasty headache(she did not like driving as it still hurt)and helped me find the courthouse.
Another quiz tomorrow.  Still drilling the bolt and working on the deck stairs. Think I know what to do, but its always easier in theory than practice.

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Okay(breath of relief)

I can still make this work...Yesterday was not cool though.  The gas I put in my scooter didn't even get me to the highway, so I was late to class and missed my first math quiz.  Thankfully the teacher will let me take it on tuesday(YES!)so that won't cause issues.  Plus some ward members my whole family is good friends with came by and helped me out-and discovered a slow leak(though it may not be as slow as I would like)in the rear tire.  Put air in it but its still mushy. And they very kindly filled my tank so I had no trouble making it to my second class-english-but I was still mad about math.
The wind yesterday was threatening to blow me off the scooter, and yanked my head if I moved it in any way.  Have to fix the helmet a bit due to a gap between my chin and the front allowing the wind to suck the moisture from my eyes-not fun at all-so I can drive without my eyes feeling like sand paper.
Wanted to enter something in the fair-last day to enter is today-but have no means of getting it there in time. Oh well.
Work was nice, given my coworkers all felt similar to me and so we were being nice to each other-when we weren't laughing at some random thing that happened in a rather funny way-for the night. Ran into a couple of teachers from the school I worked at for three years.  So not bad.

Thursday, September 3, 2015


My truck is still useless, with the stupid pilot bearing-old one-stuck in there.  My first day of classes went well, but the second day didn't. Had to ride my scooter and got pulled over because of the registration.  Now I've got a citation to deal with as a result.  Plus I was late to class-thankfully not the only one, but not much-so that made me rather cranky.
Then yesterday I got in an argument with my sister about driving to work with her than taking her car to school-it didn't go well-so I wasn't in a much better mood.  a coworker asked me to cover their late shift due to a family issue.  I thought I could make it on time but wound up being a few minutes late(hence the agh) but my manager was okay with it since I was able to warn them in advance.
Today was better, though I stayed up late venting my feelings on the growing pile of dishes in the sink and the dirty counters.  And my brothers got in an argument while I was eating breakfast so I had to break that up. But I ran into my best friend at school-which was awesome as its been a while since I've seen them-so that helped me get past it.  And ran into another friend later as a further good moment.
Mother nature intervened with me going to the temple today-grr-but I can go next week.
My scooter ran out of gas at the end of my street-would have been bad, but it was on my way home so I didn't have anything pressing to get home for, and it was all downhill to my house.  So I could coast at least part of the way there and not have to push so far.  Still tired when I got home though.