Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Its Over....

The wedding is finally out of the way.  Of course that made sunday and monday crazy.  The music was my department and other than some issues with the first song not playing out of the speaker it was fine.  People liked the dinner music-Lindsey Sterling per the brides request!-but never really got the dance part going.  Had a group of four who stayed to dance despite the mosquito haven they offered-still have a few bites on my ankles from that-so they had fun.
My poor brother had a nasty encounter with a large splinter, a hammer, and his left hand right before the ceremony so he had to take pain meds to get through without shaking so hard he dropped stuff-felt so bad that we couldn't get it out, he went to the E.R. after-but he was okay later.
My truck is finally to the stage where I can start putting stuff back in! That'll be tomorrow, at school or work all day today. Sad that I had to take it to the local auto repair place, but at least the broken chisel and the brass bushing are out of the way.  Have to replace five bolts though.
School is turning interesting.  Having to balance work with it-can't just do school as I'm paying for it myself-makes getting homework done very hard.  Math is still a struggle, but not as hard as it's been.  Wish I could find a way to make it easier...
Drive is fun though I have had issues with mixing up words while speaking-being tired does not help-and so far my coworkers are willing to let me practice.  Spent all yesterday's shift being drive, so that was a good practice. Really tired today, so I may avoid it.

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