Thursday, September 3, 2015


My truck is still useless, with the stupid pilot bearing-old one-stuck in there.  My first day of classes went well, but the second day didn't. Had to ride my scooter and got pulled over because of the registration.  Now I've got a citation to deal with as a result.  Plus I was late to class-thankfully not the only one, but not much-so that made me rather cranky.
Then yesterday I got in an argument with my sister about driving to work with her than taking her car to school-it didn't go well-so I wasn't in a much better mood.  a coworker asked me to cover their late shift due to a family issue.  I thought I could make it on time but wound up being a few minutes late(hence the agh) but my manager was okay with it since I was able to warn them in advance.
Today was better, though I stayed up late venting my feelings on the growing pile of dishes in the sink and the dirty counters.  And my brothers got in an argument while I was eating breakfast so I had to break that up. But I ran into my best friend at school-which was awesome as its been a while since I've seen them-so that helped me get past it.  And ran into another friend later as a further good moment.
Mother nature intervened with me going to the temple today-grr-but I can go next week.
My scooter ran out of gas at the end of my street-would have been bad, but it was on my way home so I didn't have anything pressing to get home for, and it was all downhill to my house.  So I could coast at least part of the way there and not have to push so far.  Still tired when I got home though.

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