Thursday, September 10, 2015


My scooter is nearly out of gas again, and the rear tire is not holding air for very long-kind of have to pump it up every day now-so I'm a little nervous about driving it.  Walked to the bus today to save the gas.  Think I got a little dehydrated as I forgot a water bottle...
Had to explain my work situation to my photo teacher for the first time-it worked out last week but not yesterday-and they were understanding.  Got my boss to limit the time I come in til 5 so I'm not cutting out as early.  Had an amusing conversation about emotcons after that.
Took care of the ticket from last week, though I had to dig out my change jar to pay for that and where my account at the bank went over. sister helped me out with that. She stayed home from work with a nasty headache(she did not like driving as it still hurt)and helped me find the courthouse.
Another quiz tomorrow.  Still drilling the bolt and working on the deck stairs. Think I know what to do, but its always easier in theory than practice.

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