Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Getting Better...

The craziness with my brothers wedding and school and transportation issues made it really hard to write for a while. Sigh.  But I'm getting into the hang of things.  Not sure where I left off, so here goes.
Saturday was working on my scooter, finally getting the deck steps back together-had to wait for monday to screw them down though-along with all the other stuff.  Had to rush a paper for one of my english classes(really hate doing that)so I'm not sure how it turned out.  That what I get for forgetting the thing.
First big quiz in my other english class went very well, 100% so far.  Had to do a presentation in that class yesterday-which my mom helped me out with, as my power point won't work at school, but hers does-that went well.  Not sure if it counts for much though.
Missed my brother's birthday dinner as class ran late and I had to use the money I'd saved for lunch instead. Played whack a mole with the stupid nails on the deck as I swear they popped up every time I put the hammer away.  We got to take pictures and develop the film in class, which was fun but tedious at the same time.
Got things worked out with my truck-I hope-so tomorrow the broken chisel comes out and I can finally put it back together.
My brother got a new car, which he's letting me use today to get to work after school. Class was cancelled for tomorrow so I have all day to work on what I need to.
First big math test next week...

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