Wednesday, May 27, 2015


I think I actually got a cold on monday, not just my allergies kicking in yet again thanks to the rain messing it up.  Only downside I really have for the rain.  I tried taking a medication that usually works for my allergies before work yesterday, and it did nothing.  Feel better today, but I ate ramen in chicken broth for dinner and applesause for breakfast.  More soup for lunch, so my throat's much better.  Nose is mainly stuffy, but it makes sleeping interesting.
My sister got a doctor's not so she's not working for the next three weeks. Hopefully her wrist will be better by then.  So far its just been getting worse.

Thursday, May 21, 2015


My brother had his yesterday, which I missed due to switching a coworker for a shift before finding out what time it was.  Wound up going in later and getting off early, but not enough to go to the ceremony.  I did manage to get him a surprise cake-a few store visits to get the decorating done-and some ice cream to make up for it.
Got yet another microburst, which got everything wet if it wasn't already.  Heard that we might be getting rain for the next week or so, which I can't complain as the water reservoir people are still claiming it's not helping the shortage for the summer.
Makes it easier to weed too.

Monday, May 18, 2015


My neck is really sore, but it was worse yesterday.  My dad had to sit me down with some muscle relaxing lotion and really rub it in.  Feels much better-as in it doesn't hurt every time I move now, just has a near constant ache-plus I slept with an extra pillow under my head so that prevented it from going right back to the level it was yesterday.  I think it will take a few days for my neck to stop hurting entirely.
Nearly done with the cabinets, so my sister and I are hoping to finish them while my dad's at work. Just waiting for her to get back from the pharmacy.
My neck thing makes me feel sympathetic towards my best friend, who has a problem with her neck going out so bad that sometimes they can't move.  And I bet it hurts a lot more than mine did yesterday.  I think they're tougher than I am in that regard.

Friday, May 15, 2015


I think I need new pillows for my bed.  Been starting to have neck issues-mainly on one side-for the past while.  Nearly got a migraine last night from it, and had to borrow my brother's new neck heating pad to stave off the worst.  Lame as we were watching Pirates of the Caribbean with dinner, and I spent most of it with my eyes shut.  At least I could watch the wedding scene at the end of the third one.  We chose to watch that part after finishing the first one.
Heard back from my photo teacher finally, but it was just a 'out of town wait til I'm back' type response. Sigh.

Thursday, May 14, 2015


Well, the two people I need to talk to about my photography final are out of the country until June.  I sent both of them an email, so that might get things moving.  Does make it rather frustrating though.
Tried to get the cabinets going yesterday but only got stuff set up and ready.  Can't do it by myself so I'm stuck waiting for my dad to get home.
Tweaked my bad wrist this morning getting a large glass bowl out of the microwave-doing it one handed was a very bad idea-so I'm still stuck with the brace.
My mom got to help seal her dad to her grandparents with my dad and her brother and sister in law yesterday.  Rather cool.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Age of Ultron.

Not bad actually, and I really like the interplay with the team members-like making fun of Captain America for saying 'language' during a fight-and how they've really come together as a team but are still very much themselves.
Monday was, weeding, garbage dump, clearing the garage so the table saw was accessible-though it doesn't work anyway, so my dad borrowed one from a neighbor-got my scooter out for a warm up drive, got stuff to rebuild the molding cabinets, and cleared some trees and bushes out of the front circle per our neighbor's request.  Discovered a nest with four very live baby birds during that part and had to put that branch back in the tree.  I let my sister do the honor on my scooter as she's licensed, and been itching to drive something with two wheels.  My oldest brother wanted to, but I'm a little concerned about letting him.  Don't know his level of experience on that sort of thing.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Mother's Day!

And I didn't get her a present. Sigh.  Had one in mind but didn't have time to get it.  We did finally get the mastic under the hardiebacker and that all screwed down, so on to fixing cabinets and leveling the floor.  Of course that meant a 2 am night, and I woke up at 7 the next morning.  Managed to make her the french toast we have at work, though she didn't get the strawberries with it til after she got back from church.
Work was long both friday and saturday, with two 7 hour shifts.  The late night one on friday ended a bit early, as the manager noted I had an early morning the next day-two in a row thanks to the floor-and told me to go home after the rush.  But saturday was out the door til about 2 with one brief break after breakfast.  My feet were not happy.
Ran to the store for cat food as they ran out yesterday and were threatening to attack each other.  Had to scatter a bunch on the floor so they wouldn't fight to get to the dish.  They ate all of it anyway-the stuff on the floor-so it worked.
Weeding in the garden was hot...

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Of Course

My photography teacher pulled a fast one and gave me a high enough grade to get credit hours but not enough to move on to the next level. Hey! I was trying really hard there!  Sheesh.  Now I have to take that stupid(well, maybe not stupid, but it feels that way when I have to take it twice)class again in  the fall! Gah.  Only passed the two english ones, so I'm still stuck with math too.
Had rain and hail yesterday, which means we discovered that the drain spouts on the roof are clogged. Figures.  But we needed the moisture anyway.
Got to read Firefight! Which there are pro's and con's to that book.  And the ending was rather unexpected.  I did suspect the discovery about Calamity, and some of the stuff that happened to David.  Just didn't quite expect how it was handled.
Might have to complain to the teacher about my grade, though I doubt it'll do me any good.  Have to try though, as I put a lot into that project.  Wants me to get my own camera but doesn't give me credit for the effort?  Do they know how much a decent used one runs at?
Ah well.  The hail was fun and scary, as it was rather loud and the lightning sounded really close.

Monday, May 4, 2015


Passed my english and literature class with an A!  Which kind of helped keep my GPA up after failing math(they list it as a E now instead of an F, but for those of us who grew up with that kind of grading, its the same thing)but no word on photo yet.
We got the wiring done, I think.  My brother tried to shock himself by grabbing a wire after turning off the wrong breaker.  I was trying to help with the hardibacker stuff, but didn't get very far. 
Had to bug the student loan place again, as they are still sending me bills despite my sending in my transcript(guess they didn't get it yet).
Micro burst heading in, which makes for some cool cloud stuff.