Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Age of Ultron.

Not bad actually, and I really like the interplay with the team members-like making fun of Captain America for saying 'language' during a fight-and how they've really come together as a team but are still very much themselves.
Monday was, weeding, garbage dump, clearing the garage so the table saw was accessible-though it doesn't work anyway, so my dad borrowed one from a neighbor-got my scooter out for a warm up drive, got stuff to rebuild the molding cabinets, and cleared some trees and bushes out of the front circle per our neighbor's request.  Discovered a nest with four very live baby birds during that part and had to put that branch back in the tree.  I let my sister do the honor on my scooter as she's licensed, and been itching to drive something with two wheels.  My oldest brother wanted to, but I'm a little concerned about letting him.  Don't know his level of experience on that sort of thing.

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