Monday, May 18, 2015


My neck is really sore, but it was worse yesterday.  My dad had to sit me down with some muscle relaxing lotion and really rub it in.  Feels much better-as in it doesn't hurt every time I move now, just has a near constant ache-plus I slept with an extra pillow under my head so that prevented it from going right back to the level it was yesterday.  I think it will take a few days for my neck to stop hurting entirely.
Nearly done with the cabinets, so my sister and I are hoping to finish them while my dad's at work. Just waiting for her to get back from the pharmacy.
My neck thing makes me feel sympathetic towards my best friend, who has a problem with her neck going out so bad that sometimes they can't move.  And I bet it hurts a lot more than mine did yesterday.  I think they're tougher than I am in that regard.

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