Thursday, May 7, 2015

Of Course

My photography teacher pulled a fast one and gave me a high enough grade to get credit hours but not enough to move on to the next level. Hey! I was trying really hard there!  Sheesh.  Now I have to take that stupid(well, maybe not stupid, but it feels that way when I have to take it twice)class again in  the fall! Gah.  Only passed the two english ones, so I'm still stuck with math too.
Had rain and hail yesterday, which means we discovered that the drain spouts on the roof are clogged. Figures.  But we needed the moisture anyway.
Got to read Firefight! Which there are pro's and con's to that book.  And the ending was rather unexpected.  I did suspect the discovery about Calamity, and some of the stuff that happened to David.  Just didn't quite expect how it was handled.
Might have to complain to the teacher about my grade, though I doubt it'll do me any good.  Have to try though, as I put a lot into that project.  Wants me to get my own camera but doesn't give me credit for the effort?  Do they know how much a decent used one runs at?
Ah well.  The hail was fun and scary, as it was rather loud and the lightning sounded really close.

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