Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Yes, I actually wore a costume to school today.  just the same one I've been using for the other parties I've been to though.  I got a lot of compliments on it, despite the fact that wearing a cloak all day made me realize a few things.  Namely that when you see someone in a movie wearing one they aren't flicking it around just for dramatic emphasis.  It's also to keep the stupid thing a bit under control and not under foot.  If you've seen the Incredibles, Edna has a valid point about capes.  My sister kept stepping on it and nearly strangling me.  Doesn't help that the cape is one I'm borrowing from her and she's just a bit taller than me-and the cape is meant to touch the floor with her wearing it.
Looks like a nice storm is coming in.  I promised my sister when she had her new baby I'd make her a carrot cake and bring it to the hospital.  I think she was jealous of the effort I put into the one I make for my dad's birthday every year.  I've got it made and frosted, I just have to get it over there.  I hope that's okay with the staff...
Barely remembered the last of my homework last night, and I've still got math stuff to do.  but photography is ready for monday (as previously mentioned) and everything else is in.  I have one last set of workshop poems for that class, and the letters are due the same day.
Doesn't feel like Halloween though...

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

I'm a little out of it...

Ever had one of those both really good yet really bad weeks?  I'd say day, but it covers the week so far.  My grandfather went into the hospital for surgery on aneurisms (he had several) only for his health to go south before the painkiller wore off.  Monday his vitals took a dive.  They got them back up, but his chances were looking increasingly bad.  Yesterday they brought him home and took him off the trac tube he'd been given after pulling the by mouth one out.  He lived for a bit but died last night.
Then my sister who was pregnant and due next week went into labor very early this morning.  I had school, but I came over after and was able to witness the birth.
School is starting to get caught up (though I wasn't really falling behind) and it's raining-or it was this morning.

Monday, October 28, 2013


It could be a bad day, except things have worked out too well for that.  Woke up with a headache threatening, yet it never materialized.  Was a bit later to school than I wanted, but I was a bit early for class.  The teacher decided too many of us were behind on the third project so they gave us class time today to print pictures-and I got five done, meaning I only need two more-plus they moved the due date from this wednesday to next monday.
The marquee I put up friday needed two changes, because I didn't have one name and didn't realize that one advertized event was a two day thing, so I had to do that again, but I got help this time.  Still took a good 20-30 minutes, but it's done.
Very windy today, which is bad if you want to rake leaves and such, but didn't affect my work with the marquee.
I still can't get the last poem for tomorrow's workshop-the person hasn't put it online yet.  It's due tomorrow dude...
My sister's masquerade was fun, though a bit sparsely attended.  Only about seven of those invited showed up, and five came 'late'.  It was an open house, but they came an hour or more after it started.  And we are still cleaning up-well, more like putting stuff back-today.
Supposed to rain tonight and then snow tomorrow...

Friday, October 25, 2013


Well, they liked my play, despite the rough draft.  And I got plenty of good feedback on how to improve it.  No comments on my poem, as we just turned those in to the teacher yesterday.  I got six of the eight poems for next week ready.  The last two are not available yet.  And both should have already been posted. Grr.
I read Brandon Sanderson's Steelheart and The Rithmatist yesterday too.  Apparently he's exploring the world of younger readers.  I think he got a great start here.  I liked the Rithmatist better than Steelheart, but both are just the start of a series.  And both have a bit of something new, so their something worth reading.
I wanted to print off the rest of my photo's for the project due wednesday, but the lab wasn't open! Gah...I can't open it myself, and my teacher isn't there either.  I don't know who to talk to about it as well...
My friend's Halloween party is tonight!  It sounds fun too.  I still don't know exactly what we're going to do, besides games, snacks, and a movie: Buffy the Vampire Slayer I believe.  Though that's more than nothing.
Didn't get a lot of sleep last night, but I'm actually not tired for once.  I just can't get certain things done.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Funny how stuff not used in a while can start to stink, but no one notices until something disturbs the area.  There's a sink in the photography lab where we squeegee off the photo prints before running them through the dryer.  Sadly, this sink rarely gets used for anything else.  So when my teacher was running water while showing us the washing tub for large prints-fiber paper, actually.  That stuff is a pain to print with though-it ran water through the tub and into said sink.  This released a smell that only grew worse as more water went down the drain, so after making sure we got the message, the teacher led all of us out of the room.
Fiber paper does make nice prints, if you get it right, but the stuff is a lot more flexible than the regular paper we print stuff with.  I think it's more expensive too.  Plus it tends to absorb the chemicals, so you have to soak it in the developer longer, the fixer twice, and the hypo clear-fixer remover, which normally we don't even use for printing-then the water bath, ten minutes for the regular stuff, takes fifteen minutes at least.  And the paper has to dry overnight.
So that's where the stinky part of my day was, but that didn't last all class, just the first 15-20 minutes the water was running in the sink.  But it certainly needed it.
Still need to find out about the worker's comp thing...
I need to print out two or three copies of my play today, and a copy of my poem.  I want to go back and edit them first though.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

It Feels So Weird...

Being without a job for the first time in almost eight months.  I still have to get in touch with part of it over worker's comp stuff, but otherwise I am in the middle of a job hunt.  I keep hearing about potential jobs, but then I either can't find them or they can't be done online, yadayada. sigh.
I have a ten minute play I'm supposed to turn in on thursday, a newspaper prompt poem due the same day, I'm supposed to shoot a second roll of film for photography sometime this week, and I've got the usual math homework.
Went to a corn maize yesterday.  Other than it getting very cold as the sun went down it was fun.  They don't have a haunted maize up yet, but they will.
Need to bug my sister, as she's still in bed...(I think)

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Oh dear...

Yesterday and this morning were one of those days.  Not a bad day by any means, though it could have gone that way.  First my dad, brother and I were investigating some old string beans we found half frozen in the fridge.  We warmed them up to see how they smelled, and I made the comment that the smelled like beans, old beans.  My dad and brother found that funny due to some family friends (basically family, they're that close) whose last name is bean, and the 'grandfather' is 84 and just got out of the hospital.
Then my mom was talking on the phone and forgot the handset had a cord.  She pulled it off the counter.  My dad was talking to her at the time and it cut off the call.  She called us back, and as I picked up the phone I heard my older sister comment that my mom had 'pulled the phone apart' in the background.  I had to cover up the mouthpiece in hopes that she didn't hear me laughing.
Then this morning I made french toast for breakfast, and my brother made apple juice to go with it.  I had everything on the table and we were waiting for my dad to come join us so we could bless it.  While waiting I thought to put syrup on my french toast.  Only I grabbed the apple juice jug instead.  I caught it in time to pour it back into the jug, but they teased me about making french toast apple juice to go with the 'dinner' (my brother accidentally told my dad that 'dinner was ready' instead of breakfast).
Plus we're letting the dogs upstairs but blocking off the front room, so I keep trying to fall while climbing over the table we're using as a barricade.

Friday, October 18, 2013


No, that's not me throwing up.  Just got tired of feeling icky yesterday.  But I'm much better today.  Took the day off from work anyway.  Stupid dog woke me up four times last night though.  My sister's mini hot dog type dog( can't remember how to spell that word) was the one barking, with the other two quite silent.
Last day of work was cleaning the stadium all day.  First with washing the 'special seating' chairs again.  At least I didn't fall this time.  Then we cleared all the dead branches and debris from behind the east side of the stands (it's built on a mountain side so there are trees in a small hill area that leave a lot of that stuff) which took around 3 hours.  Then we gathered up any remaining garbage, re-blew off the base of the east stands, and then put everything away.
I was cold, so I think I got a chill to accompany my usual allergies. grr.
But I got all my homework in for the week, plus the math quiz.  Didn't do so well on that one, only 64%. sigh...
And now I'm in the market for a new job as well...

Wednesday, October 16, 2013


It got really cold monday night and yesterday...So cold it wore me out.  I was blowing off the stadium on monday and the coaches told me I was disrupting practice-which hadn't started yet-and would I wait til they finished.  They would have finished around 5:30, so my supervisor told me to leave it til yesterday.  They commented that the coaches seem to think that 'little elves will come in the night to finish it' because we go on break at 6, and after that it gets dark and very cold rather fast.
Ah well, project two for photography is in, though the teacher said three of my pictures could be a lot darker still.  But my classmates liked the other five.
Only managed 53% on my first math test...I'll have to try harder.
We only get one day for fall break! and its a Friday-which I don't get off from work-so I'd have the day anyway.
Tried to blow off more yesterday, but didn't finish then either.  Between the wind and track team coming in I didn't have a lot of time.  We had to repaint the soccer field (for the last time) after that.  But cleaning my supervisor's paint stuff was cold!  The wind felt like it went right through me, and being inside the shed helped very little.
Second set of poems is in...

Monday, October 14, 2013

That's Funny...

My supervisor told me on friday that it was supposed to rain on sunday.  I made the mistake of staying up til after midnight, and guess what happened?  It was raining at 12:05 am on sunday.  granted it still rained off and on the rest of the day, but I thought that was funny.
I think we're going to be prepping for a football game this saturday, but I'm not sure.  At least I'm feeling better.  Hope my coworker is too, as having a cold that long is totally not cool.
But it was cloudy and colder this morning, with more coming in, so there may be more rain today.

Saturday, October 12, 2013


Still don't know my math score for the first test.  Didn't rain yesterday, but once the sun went down it got a bit windy, which made it a lot colder than the 52 degrees it was supposed to be.
More trimming, which we got all the critical stuff(I think).  Saw an old coworker from when I worked for a school district over a year ago.  They were coming to the university for the theater costume sale (this happens once every year)and needed directions.  They didn't recognize me until I took my hat off.
My institute committee is having a party tonight, which I hope I can make time for.
Thankfully the second round of poetry stuff isn't giving me the same issues I had this week (so far, but I plan to get ahead just in case).
But I didn't get my photography stuff done yesterday, and I won't have time today. grr.  So it's a good thing I've got monday, though I really didn't want to take that much time.

Friday, October 11, 2013


Well, this week could have been better, but it could have been worse.  The coworker with a cold is still fighting it.  I'm not feeling too great, but I suspect that's allergies.  Rained a lot yesterday, and we had to work in it.  Thankfully we used the rain gear my work has for times like this.  Though I used a poncho that was old and leaked, but the second one I found was good.  We got the trimming on the northside of the lecture hall done, and cleared out a few drains (again, in one case).  A fellow coworker and I got bored before 3 and wound up deep cleaning a ventrack (one of the riding lawnmowers, we're not very inventive on short names for things.  Its either the brand name the number, or the type of thing.) to the point that the stickers were actually white again.  Though if we weren't careful the stuff we were using would take the stickers right off.
A few of my coworkers were teasing my supervisor for leaving their truck with one window rolled up, the other rolled down, and the door locked was the one with the window down, while the other was unlocked.
Accidentally offended one of my teachers, the one for poetry.  I asked them about the difficulties with viewing my classmate's poems and stuff after class and I guess I walked out before they were finished. sigh.  Plus when I emailed them about it I was very informal.  So I sent them an apology email.
Due to the rain it's cold today, but its supposed to warm up.  The sun just barely came out, so we'll see.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Well That's Not Helping...

I'm supposed to print off a copy of my fellow students poems from the online site, and I can't even see the discussion they're attached to. grr.  I spoke to the teacher yesterday, but they don't know what's going on either.  Sent them an email last night about it and so far no response.  How can I print them out and have them ready for tomorrow if I can't even get them on the computer?
Managed to take my math test yesterday morning before poetry class (which would explain why I was nearly late to that class, and it being midterm week explains the lack of students) but I'm not sure how I did.  There were three questions I couldn't remember how to do, so I had to guess. 
A coworker came in to work with a head cold-they were getting over it anyway, and they (so far) haven't given it to the rest of us.  My allergies are kicking in again, which was a mixed blessing as yesterday we were moving a large pile of compost (twice) that had food remains in it.  And yes, it smelled.  Otherwise we're just trimming bushes and deadheading (removing the dead parts of flowers and other plants) for winter.
I am so tired....

Monday, October 7, 2013

Late Nights...

And (sort of) early mornings are not a good idea for trying to catch up on sleep.  I got my photography pictures taken and developed today-and I didn't ruin any of the film.  though something dripped on it and left a streak on all of them-thankfully it doesn't show on the prints.  Only printed two pictures of the eight I need next monday.  Thankfully I have time for that.
Math teacher says I can't get an extension or added time for taking the exam, so I'll have to miss part of my institute class wednesday to take it. sigh...
Conference was neat, though President Monson spoke in four out of five sessions.  And one speaker referred to president Monson's 'fire story' from april.  That was funny.  One speaker on saturday spoke about searching for jobs, and how we need to seek counsel before accepting an offer.
So today starts the last two weeks at my current job and the start of hunting for a new one.  I hate job hunting...

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Did I Mention...

That wednesday I got a splinter that broke off under the skin-and dug deep enough to bleed around it-so I had to cut my finger partway open to get it back out.  My friend tried to help me but got a little quesy-no, it wasn't bleeding at that point, it was just the idea of what she was doing-so I wound up doing it myself.
And earlier that day my photography teacher gave me a very big tip on how to focus my camera so I know for sure it'll turn out (sorry, film camera's-like the black and white one I'm using-focus different from digital) clear rather than blurry like my first set.
It's my mom's birthday!  And my brothers are supposed to make the cake for her.  I made breakfast, and my oldest sister and I are buying Chinese for dinner (I'm still trying to get her a gift card for a local restaurant  so she and my dad can have a date night).  Conference has started!  We've got priesthood session tonight, which means it's a girls night for about two hours.  I noticed at least three speakers so far have stammered or stuttered.  I know its scary, I just don't recall that happening before...
Memo to me, not getting the floor in the kitchen mopped for two weeks is a very bad idea.  I had to scrub a few areas a lot harder than usual.
We got frost last night!  It may have killed the garden...

Friday, October 4, 2013

It's Cold.

Yep, it snowed last night.  At home we got close to an inch, but at school/work it didn't stick at all. sigh.
Well, while my supervisor was gone I help them plant stuff in the new beds by the gym (recently remodeled, hence the new beds) and lay out the irrigation piping.  Tried to trim bushes around the lecture hall yesterday but didn't finish that.  Got too dark to see, and cutting something at random might get me in trouble, if I don't land myself in the hospital first.
But I got 80% on my third math quiz!  and yet now I have to find time on monday, tuesday, or wednesday next week to take the first test. Grr.  I wanted to get all the other homework for next week done but the next set of poems for review are not up yet.  And they're supposed to be up a week early, meaning yesterday (literally).  I still have time for the MM's today, so after getting math done that 's what I'll do before work.
National Cinnamon Roll Day!  We're giving them away at the institute until 1p.m. today.
And the government shutdown may cancel a vacation my parents have been planning months in advance that was supposed to be the week after next...

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

About That...

Yeah, that whole stupid criminal thing has my manager repeatedly reminding us to not leave the keys in the vehicles at all.  But my supervisor told me yesterday we're more likely to have a coworker walk off with a vehicle (as currently we've hit a crunch with them, so much is going on and needs to be done) that it's hard to get one before three p.m.
They have to blow out the sprinkler lines this week-and they're using my supervisor truck to do it-so that claims two vehicles.  Leaves have started falling, but mow crew still needs to mow, and that claims another.  Plus all the regular stuff, so yesterday we used the water truck for the first two and a half hours, then stole the mow crew truck (it was the only one that could hold four people).  My supervisor's truck is still hocked up to the pump they used to clear the pipes.
Got one set of this project for photography developed and the sheet printed, but still need a second (and I cut off one of my pictures! gah!) roll plus any retakes. grumble...