Saturday, October 19, 2013

Oh dear...

Yesterday and this morning were one of those days.  Not a bad day by any means, though it could have gone that way.  First my dad, brother and I were investigating some old string beans we found half frozen in the fridge.  We warmed them up to see how they smelled, and I made the comment that the smelled like beans, old beans.  My dad and brother found that funny due to some family friends (basically family, they're that close) whose last name is bean, and the 'grandfather' is 84 and just got out of the hospital.
Then my mom was talking on the phone and forgot the handset had a cord.  She pulled it off the counter.  My dad was talking to her at the time and it cut off the call.  She called us back, and as I picked up the phone I heard my older sister comment that my mom had 'pulled the phone apart' in the background.  I had to cover up the mouthpiece in hopes that she didn't hear me laughing.
Then this morning I made french toast for breakfast, and my brother made apple juice to go with it.  I had everything on the table and we were waiting for my dad to come join us so we could bless it.  While waiting I thought to put syrup on my french toast.  Only I grabbed the apple juice jug instead.  I caught it in time to pour it back into the jug, but they teased me about making french toast apple juice to go with the 'dinner' (my brother accidentally told my dad that 'dinner was ready' instead of breakfast).
Plus we're letting the dogs upstairs but blocking off the front room, so I keep trying to fall while climbing over the table we're using as a barricade.

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