Tuesday, October 22, 2013

It Feels So Weird...

Being without a job for the first time in almost eight months.  I still have to get in touch with part of it over worker's comp stuff, but otherwise I am in the middle of a job hunt.  I keep hearing about potential jobs, but then I either can't find them or they can't be done online, yadayada. sigh.
I have a ten minute play I'm supposed to turn in on thursday, a newspaper prompt poem due the same day, I'm supposed to shoot a second roll of film for photography sometime this week, and I've got the usual math homework.
Went to a corn maize yesterday.  Other than it getting very cold as the sun went down it was fun.  They don't have a haunted maize up yet, but they will.
Need to bug my sister, as she's still in bed...(I think)

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