Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Well That's Not Helping...

I'm supposed to print off a copy of my fellow students poems from the online site, and I can't even see the discussion they're attached to. grr.  I spoke to the teacher yesterday, but they don't know what's going on either.  Sent them an email last night about it and so far no response.  How can I print them out and have them ready for tomorrow if I can't even get them on the computer?
Managed to take my math test yesterday morning before poetry class (which would explain why I was nearly late to that class, and it being midterm week explains the lack of students) but I'm not sure how I did.  There were three questions I couldn't remember how to do, so I had to guess. 
A coworker came in to work with a head cold-they were getting over it anyway, and they (so far) haven't given it to the rest of us.  My allergies are kicking in again, which was a mixed blessing as yesterday we were moving a large pile of compost (twice) that had food remains in it.  And yes, it smelled.  Otherwise we're just trimming bushes and deadheading (removing the dead parts of flowers and other plants) for winter.
I am so tired....

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