Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Funny how stuff not used in a while can start to stink, but no one notices until something disturbs the area.  There's a sink in the photography lab where we squeegee off the photo prints before running them through the dryer.  Sadly, this sink rarely gets used for anything else.  So when my teacher was running water while showing us the washing tub for large prints-fiber paper, actually.  That stuff is a pain to print with though-it ran water through the tub and into said sink.  This released a smell that only grew worse as more water went down the drain, so after making sure we got the message, the teacher led all of us out of the room.
Fiber paper does make nice prints, if you get it right, but the stuff is a lot more flexible than the regular paper we print stuff with.  I think it's more expensive too.  Plus it tends to absorb the chemicals, so you have to soak it in the developer longer, the fixer twice, and the hypo clear-fixer remover, which normally we don't even use for printing-then the water bath, ten minutes for the regular stuff, takes fifteen minutes at least.  And the paper has to dry overnight.
So that's where the stinky part of my day was, but that didn't last all class, just the first 15-20 minutes the water was running in the sink.  But it certainly needed it.
Still need to find out about the worker's comp thing...
I need to print out two or three copies of my play today, and a copy of my poem.  I want to go back and edit them first though.

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