Saturday, October 5, 2013

Did I Mention...

That wednesday I got a splinter that broke off under the skin-and dug deep enough to bleed around it-so I had to cut my finger partway open to get it back out.  My friend tried to help me but got a little quesy-no, it wasn't bleeding at that point, it was just the idea of what she was doing-so I wound up doing it myself.
And earlier that day my photography teacher gave me a very big tip on how to focus my camera so I know for sure it'll turn out (sorry, film camera's-like the black and white one I'm using-focus different from digital) clear rather than blurry like my first set.
It's my mom's birthday!  And my brothers are supposed to make the cake for her.  I made breakfast, and my oldest sister and I are buying Chinese for dinner (I'm still trying to get her a gift card for a local restaurant  so she and my dad can have a date night).  Conference has started!  We've got priesthood session tonight, which means it's a girls night for about two hours.  I noticed at least three speakers so far have stammered or stuttered.  I know its scary, I just don't recall that happening before...
Memo to me, not getting the floor in the kitchen mopped for two weeks is a very bad idea.  I had to scrub a few areas a lot harder than usual.
We got frost last night!  It may have killed the garden...

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