Friday, October 11, 2013


Well, this week could have been better, but it could have been worse.  The coworker with a cold is still fighting it.  I'm not feeling too great, but I suspect that's allergies.  Rained a lot yesterday, and we had to work in it.  Thankfully we used the rain gear my work has for times like this.  Though I used a poncho that was old and leaked, but the second one I found was good.  We got the trimming on the northside of the lecture hall done, and cleared out a few drains (again, in one case).  A fellow coworker and I got bored before 3 and wound up deep cleaning a ventrack (one of the riding lawnmowers, we're not very inventive on short names for things.  Its either the brand name the number, or the type of thing.) to the point that the stickers were actually white again.  Though if we weren't careful the stuff we were using would take the stickers right off.
A few of my coworkers were teasing my supervisor for leaving their truck with one window rolled up, the other rolled down, and the door locked was the one with the window down, while the other was unlocked.
Accidentally offended one of my teachers, the one for poetry.  I asked them about the difficulties with viewing my classmate's poems and stuff after class and I guess I walked out before they were finished. sigh.  Plus when I emailed them about it I was very informal.  So I sent them an apology email.
Due to the rain it's cold today, but its supposed to warm up.  The sun just barely came out, so we'll see.

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