Wednesday, October 2, 2013

About That...

Yeah, that whole stupid criminal thing has my manager repeatedly reminding us to not leave the keys in the vehicles at all.  But my supervisor told me yesterday we're more likely to have a coworker walk off with a vehicle (as currently we've hit a crunch with them, so much is going on and needs to be done) that it's hard to get one before three p.m.
They have to blow out the sprinkler lines this week-and they're using my supervisor truck to do it-so that claims two vehicles.  Leaves have started falling, but mow crew still needs to mow, and that claims another.  Plus all the regular stuff, so yesterday we used the water truck for the first two and a half hours, then stole the mow crew truck (it was the only one that could hold four people).  My supervisor's truck is still hocked up to the pump they used to clear the pipes.
Got one set of this project for photography developed and the sheet printed, but still need a second (and I cut off one of my pictures! gah!) roll plus any retakes. grumble...

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