Monday, September 30, 2013

Stupid Criminals...

Or at least this one was.  I came in to work Thursday and found out that one of the newest employees had been working by the bell tower using the (hated, at least by me) forest green mule.  They left it while working and came back to go to break or something and guess what? It was gone.  They thought it was a prank or something, but soon found out it was stolen.
So they had to call for a ride back up to the shop.  I really don't know why anyone would want that one.  It can dump stuff, but you have to manually lift the bed.  It had a flashing light on the roof (it can't really go beyond 15 mph I think)  and could fit in some of the tightest areas.  But it had no gas gauge or speedometer-hence why I've been stranded without gas in those things-did not like to start cold (weather it had been sitting for an hour or the weather was cold like Wednesday through Friday) would not idle-trying for more than 30 seconds usually led to a stall-and often tried to stall while shifting.
Well, we got said mule back friday around the same time-I think-because the thief tried to sell it for $20 to a cop from a nearby city.  I don't know if the cop was in uniform or not, but they saw the university sticker(official sticker that is used to identify it in cases like these) the thief had failed to cover and took it back.
Not for lack of trying, mind you.  The thief had taken it home and first tried to hand paint (we can see the drips from the brush) yellow.  Whether they didn't like or just ran out, I don't know, but they then switched to red and tried to cover the yellow with it.  They got over half the vehicle covered, including one of the university stickers, the last oil change sticker, one of the tire rims, and the 'dash board'.  Apparently realizing they'd missed a sticker or something-after running low on paint-they tried to spray paint red over the sticker only to run out after giving it a very faint coat. They also knocked out the rear window-popped it clean out without even cracking it-and cut off the caution light on the roof-sorry, as long as the mule is on that light is as well.
So we got it back.  My supervisor says that is the best example of how not to paint they've ever seen, while the mechanic says we should put a sticker or poster in the window that says 'this is your brain on drugs' and drive around with it.  We think the thief may have been crazy, stupid, or on something.  Possibly all three.
Gave us a laugh though.
Saw a doctor about my shoulder on saturday-missed the start of R.S. general broadcast but I did get to hear President Monson's talk.  Now I'm on a anti inflammatory for the next three weeks to see if that will help.  If not they recommend Physical Therapy.
It's my dad's birthday!  Not sure what we're doing yet, but I got the day off so I can make his cake-and get the ingredients.   Cloudy, but it's not supposed to rain today.   And I've got a chance to get my photography homework done...

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