Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Yep, it Rained

at work again.  It's easier to get back into the feel of school when you only miss one day.  Had a fun exercise where we tried to write the 'worst play ever' with a partner, and then after reading it we had ten minutes to salvage a good play from our bad one.  My partner and I kind threw out out original and started over.
Work was kind of interrupted, due to the rain.  We were supposed to take care of the garbage left from the football game, but day shit beat us to that.  They had removed all the trash bags from the bins and collected all the trash in the stands-putting it in the same bags.  They left the bags there to collect after their second break, but when we came back with them, the bags were gone.   So after making sure they hadn't been hidden or something we power washed the cement wall separating the track from the stands-that took a while as we had to collect a lot of hoses, hook them all up, spray the wall, unhook and drain the hoses, recoil them up, and put everything away.
After our break, I went with a coworker to water some unplanted trees by the equipment shed.  then my supervisor discovered grass left by the mow crew on the dorm sidewalks.  we ran over there to blow it off (all four of us- should have been six, but my supervisor had to leave early and one other hourly didn't come in) but right after we got the blowers ready and went looking for the grass it started to pour-I mean highly visible drops that left a silver dollar mark when they landed-so we had to give up on that.
Of course it only lasted for 15-20 minutes, but it soaked everything in that short time.
I'm feeling very forgetful today, as I left my water bottle (again) at one of the campus stores (the art one this time, last time it was the bookstore mail center) and had to go grab it.  But now I've got three rolls of film for my class, and my camera is working (couldn't quite get the batteries in, so my teacher had to show me).  Have an assignment due monday where we have to shoot a 36 roll of film.
I didn't realize film needed to be kept that cold...

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