Monday, September 9, 2013


Well, friday wasn't as bad as I expected.  Day shift had already done the weed whacking, so I wound up with a coworker trying to clean up recently planted trees-enlarging the tree rings and removing excess dirt.  Then the mule we were using -yes another thing on my list of reasons why I don't like mules: they are a pain to start, especially after they've run out of gas, no gas meter, and no power steering-ran out of gas at the street entrance of a parking lot.  Thankfully we were able to get it out of the road and into a parking stall.  But we had to walk back up to the shop for gas and -lovely- someone had taken the gas cabinet key again.  I had to bug my supervisor to come unlock it.  and the admin upstairs had left, so they had to lock the gate for us as well.
After that fun day, my coworker left at 6, so I spent the rest of the day by myself and it started raining as I cleared up.
But I got to go to the state fair Saturday-forgot sunscreen and burned the top of my head again-which was a prime subject for my photography homework.  A nice man gave me 30 ride tickets, but a rain shower prevented me from using them-why did it wait until I wanted to ride rides?
So today should be interesting.  If this keeps up, I might have to bug the manager for my own set of keys.  I hate bugging my supervisor when they had to take the day off again...

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