Saturday, September 14, 2013


That was not the best timing...I managed to donate just fine, but I got dizzy in the middle, and then queazy afterwards.  It sarted raining when I was headed up to donate, so after I got done (it was still raining at that point) I did homework while waiting for it to stop.  Then I forgot I'd said I would change the marquee at the institute, so that didn't get done.
And after a whole week of not doing much, my supervisor decides to have me help carry their five gallon paint buckets -which had been leftover from last year so they settled and then froze, meaning it was very hard to remix them-into their truck so they could be mixed at a paint store nearby.  Plus the wand for their paint machine has a broken part, and now they have to get a whole new one.
My computer is driving me insane!  The windows key is stuck, so anytime I press the 'l' button it locks! Gargh!
But after we got them all mixed (there were nine that we could get mixed) we had to hand mix the rest.  The lifting and stirring has left me rather worn out.  Not to mention that if I don't eat something every few hours and keep hydrated I get very tired and start getting queazy again.
Woke up to a lot of rain.  We're supposed to be going to my nieces birthday party (she's 3 now) but we have a lot to do.  My sister and I wanted to go to the fair again today, but I'm not sure I'm up to it.  After donating yesterday my right shoulder has been bothering me.  If I lift or carry anything it feels like someone is gripping my shoulder really hard, and it also feels like it's on fire.
I am going to throw this keyboard if I can't get that button unstuck! Sigh...

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