Friday, September 20, 2013


My youngest sibling and brother turned 18 yesterday, so there are no more 'kids' left for my parents.  But they are getting a new granddaughter in november.  But I had to miss that birthday party (I had to work as usual).  They saved me dinner and cake though.  And we're having the 'family' party on sunday, so those who didn't make it yesterday (like me) can come sing that embarassing song to him, and maybe tackle him and give him birthday spankings (yeah, good luck on that one).
Fun activity at the institute today.  The teacher (for my committee-we always meet at 7 am on fridays) had the lights get turned off, then they held up their phone with  the screen lit.  They touched the arm of someone next to them, who also held up a lit phone or gadget before touching someone else.  Then after everyone was holding some form of 'light' up, they had us try (there are at least 15-20 people in this committee) to gather the 'light' in one area.  As we got as close (hope you like the person right next to you) they exclaimed 'turbo light!' and someone standing by the light switch (the same one who turned it off by the way) turned the lights on.  This was funny, but at the same time while gathering the 'light' we were all looking up and so got a bit flash blinded.  We were laughing for the next few minutes anyway, and the person who turned it on turned it right back off.
I took work off today for a committee retreat (it includes all the institute committees) that goes from tonight into tomorrow around 3.
But at least my supervisor didn't need me today-though monday sounds like it'll be interesting, as the university is doing a 'paint the town' for homecoming.  They always borrow my supervisor's stencils for this, and we have to go get them back-while they're still wet.  Why they use paint rollers on giant plastic stencils is beyond me.  It makes the paint stay wet longer, and gets more paint on the stencils.  But it just means I have to find something I don't mind getting paint on (all my old pants grew holes-grr).
The one mechanic I know best at the shop keeps showing me stuff that gets broken (whether day shift broke it or it just gave out).  Yesterday they were taking a wheel off one of the riding lawnmowers-the kind like you see on shopping carts that spin all the way around-and the bolt sheared in half.  I mean they had the top half in their hand, with the rest still stuck in the metal frame that looped over the tire.  And this was nearly an inch thick bolt.  So they not only have to finish getting the bolt out, but get a new one on top of whatever they needed to fix there. Yikes...

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