Wednesday, September 18, 2013


I found out sunday that my great foster uncle passed away that same day.  He had pulmonary fibrosis-basically scarring on the lungs that make it very hard to breathe.  I don't know if that's what killed him, but it contributed.  His funeral is saturday.
Monday at work I tried to seriously hurt my right hand.  First I bent the pinky nail below the quick while moving trash barrels-another band competition yesterday and boy did that make work interesting-so the top part is sore.  Then I tripped while climbing over a cement barrier.  We had to clean the special seating area again and the barriers separated some of the seats.  I tried to catch myself on one of the seats, only my hand slid and I 'punched' the armrest instead.  My middle finger turned red and started swelling-despite my sticking it in the bucket of cold water we were using-between the middle and bottom knuckle.  My supervisor took me to get it x-rayed, but I hadn't broken it, just bruised the bone.  It's been slowly turning a dark blue.  I iced it after that.  Then I pinched the fleshy part of my index finger-same hand- in the same area while locking the truck door.
Yesterday a coworker came in at 4:30 (their usual time) and worked through break.  We (the only other hourly working at the time and I) couldn't find them after break, despite combing the entire campus in a kubota.
Had a very fascinating lightning show after dark and on the way home.  Turned the clouds purple in some areas.

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