Monday, September 2, 2013

It Rained

It poured, the old man snored.  I would hope everyone knows that old rhyme, but it's hard to say.  Just got back from a weekend out of town (only an hour's drive from home, but better than not doing anything...).  It rained when we got there, and several times after that.
Rained here too, by the looks of things.  Had to bring one item of homework (playwriting class 'morning minutes' or as my mom calls it, a daily 'mad write'.  We have to write three pages of whatever every morning.  They actually told us to write stuff like blah blah bla if we can't find a train of thought).  At least I'm keeping up with it so far.
We stayed at a condo, which was nice save for sleeping.  My aunt and uncle let us use theirs, and the beds are harder than I'm used to.  So I wake up feeling briused on my hips and such.  At least it was cooler there, and things have cooled down here.
Cleaning up after the Block party friday wasn't much fun.  One of my coworkers got 'showered' by a garbage bag that another had leaked on.  I saw the puddle right before they grabbed it, but failed to warn them in time.  That stuff smelled rather awful too...
After we emptied the garbage cans we had to move all of them.  Half went to a pay parking lot for a 'foam party' that night, while the rest went back to the stadium for the tailgating party and football game saturday.  My arms are still sore from that.
Yesterday I saw something I never thought my brother would do.  While getting his breakfast ready on his plate, he somehow poured the syrup for his pancakes in his glass instead.  He then said 'oh good grief' (I believe) which drew most of our attention to him as he picked it up to peer at the half cup in his cup.  Thankfully the glass was clean and empty, so he just poured it onto his pancakes anyway.  I hurt myself trying not to laugh.

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