Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Uh Oh...

We're supposed to get rain (heavy rain) off and on all day today.  Did not rain while I was at work yesterday though.  Still fixing sprinklers, which we've been doing the past two days.  One set is clogged in the main line somewhere and we can't get it clear.  My poor supervisor got splattered yesterday trying.
My coworker left early again, and their dad called trying to find them.  The one who got bronchitis came in yesterday, though they missed monday.  Apparently this is a yearly thing for them, as they've got it for the last three years in a row (yick, I thought allergies were bad).
Most of my photographs came out!  Only four got ruined while developing, and I only have a few I should (don't actually need to) reshoot before monday.  But we practiced printing the negatives, which is simply contact printing so the images are the right color in black and white.  We're going to enlarge and print on monday as well.
Have my first two poems to critique, and I've got them printed out-they changed the computer lab printing system on me.
My coworker on a mission got their first three baptisms saturday!

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