Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Not Again.

Workout with my mom last night seems to have aggravated my right wrist again.  Then I whacked it mildly at work today so I'm wearing the cumbersome brace again.  Funny how you never realize how much you use your wrist until you can't move it.
Classes yesterday were a bit short due to the absence of the professors.  We still did stuff, but left when we'd gotten done with the assigned stuff.  In the senior portfolio one we were work shopping craft essay's, and my classmates told me not to be so down on my self in it.
Printed nine photo's yesterday, given I spent part of the morning taking advantage of my siblings and mother being on spring break to get some 'cat' photos for my project.
Still need to finish Walden, only 22 pages left...

Monday, March 30, 2015


Studied all weekend for a math test and still didn't do very well. Sigh.  At least I got it done and got some credit, but I'm really starting to agree with my sister in that this system won't tell me what I got wrong so I can work on those areas.  They should make it possible for the homework at least.  Just saying that the problem was partially right only tells me I did something right, not what I did wrong.
Now I've got to find some poems from another class-and figure out what usb I put them on-so I can let a classmate read them.
And take photos and bring them to class today so I can print for wednesday's workshop.

Friday, March 27, 2015


No, I'm not thinking of the common acronym here.  There's a sign block at my work with these letters, but they have it as This Grandma Is Fun or something like that.  Think I should get that for my grandma.
My wrist started hurting at work today, so I'm typing with a brace on-not going so well as I keep hitting the wrong letter or the space bar at the wrong time and having to go back.  Working the mouse isn't fun either. Sigh...
Well, less than 40 pages to go in Walden then I get to start The Scarlett Letter.  Which the discussion from Class yesterday prompted a discussion at home as I pronounce 'preface' as pre-face which bugs my dad.  Can't help that I haven't heard it out loud much and so I guess.
Got my bike down after work today to see how the tires and brakes are holding up as my mom wants to go on a bike ride with my dad and I tomorrow morning.  It's fine, the tires just needed a little air so far.
Stupid brace hit a button that tried to erase everything I'd typed just now. Sheesh....

Wednesday, March 25, 2015


I didn't make the art competition, though it took them a week to get the message to me.  I wonder if my mom made it in.  Have to ask her when she gets home.  But I only have one more to enter, just need to decide what to send in.  I already know what exhibit I'm going for.
got my math homework in this morning, now I've got the second exam to do by friday.  I'm hoping to do better on this one, so I'm going to check out the review sheet the teacher puts up for these.
Watched Baxter, or parts of it.  That movie is rather twisted so I decided to watch Facing the Giants when I got home to 'get my head straight' as my dad put it.  Certainly helped me get it out of my head.
English is hitting crunch time, so I've got to put two poems in dropbox for a classmate so they can intro me for the reading.  And I've got to decide what to say for my intro of a different classmate.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

My Boss

Is weird.  Not a bad weird, just the kind of weird who likes to make you smile when you come in to work so your day is at least that little bit brighter.  Or try stuff you normally don't think of putting together to see if you like it.  Never bad stuff, as its always stuff they've tried first and just want you to enjoy.  Or making pizza for the employees to eat when they get a moment.  Fun stuff.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Not Helpful.

Finally heard back about the church art competition, but the attachment that's supposed to tell me the results is absent in the email.  At least I can confirm my entry to my teacher, but I'd like to know if I made it past the first round. Sigh.
Well, this past workshop for photo went well, but now they want me to spend time pretending I am a cat.  There were a few who wanted me to dig up poor Princess, but there's no way I'm doing that.  Of course the playing a cat part was hinted at needing a GoPro camera-which I doubt I can afford-and someone else filming me at the same time.
Marley got her growth removed, so she's not feeling so good.  But I think she felt a bit better when she realized we hadn't dropped her off and left her at the vet's for good.  But she's shaky and we have to keep her from eating for a while.
Less than a hundred pages left of Walden, but there is very little to suggest why its deemed classical literature.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015


New set of exercises for the week started yesterday, and my pectorals hate me for it.  Raising my arms above my head is a study in will power, they don't want to move that way. Triceps are mainly mad because I was showing my second oldest brother one of the exercises this morning.  Baaaad idea.
Work was made interesting by the same reason, but I managed.  Sold a lot of St Patrick's Day sugar cookies, but was one shy of winning the cashier competition. Sigh.  Sold two after that of course.
Spent a lot of time yesterday deciding what photo's to use for the workshop tomorrow.  Then I went and forgot two assignments for english that were due yesterday.  One I'm bringing next week, the other I just have to take a hit for. gr.
Need to get to math though.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Last Day

Of Spring Break.  And this has been a long week.  Not a very good one though.  Got sick the first part, then nature kicked in, plus I worked 4 days in a row.  So far only got one bit of homework done-still haven't got back to Walden-but I got my tax refund.
It's Pi day! not like the dessert, but like the math symbol.  Though my work is doing a slice of pie for a dollar as long as the customer buys something else with it.  So I hope that's going well.  I'm home taking a break after cleaning. Very dusty in here...

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Of Course.

Middle of spring break and what kicks in? My allergies.  So from saturday through yesterday I sound like I'm sick-not cool for going to work-and have a bit of trouble sleeping, though Daylight Savings Time may have something to do with that as well.
Then I'm just getting over that and guess what kicks in?  I wanted to go do baptisms for the dead today, but I don't have the supplies. Sigh. Wish I could stop waking up with a headache too.
My manager wanted me to try a chocolate chip covered in the cream cheese frosting leftover from a pan of cinnamon rolls.  One of their favorites I guess.  Not bad but I think it used the last of the sugar I can take for today.  New retail person too, just returned from a misson to the Philippines.
We saw a play of Pride and Prejudice Monday, then yesterday took my grandma to see a play of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.  Had no idea what that one was about, but it was rather cute.

Friday, March 6, 2015

Spring Break!

Sort of.  I had my last class for the week yesterday, which was a bit low on attendance-big surprise-but we got out early anyway.
Coworker was teasing me earlier with tape they'd pulled off a box-they stuck it on my shirt while saying "want some tape?" but it didn't really stick so I threw it away for them.
Found out what was going on with my paycheck and got it fixed, but still waiting on my tax refund.  Trying to come up with something for dinner...

Wednesday, March 4, 2015


Well, I have to admit that it made driving home from school iffy, as the lights didn't help with seeing the lane lines under the slush.  I finally had to let another car get in front of me and I just followed them at a safe distance never going much more than 40 miles per.
Was still snowing yesterday morning, to my oldest niece's delight.  We made two small snowmen, then went for a five minute sledding run-the snowmen cooled off her desire to be outside longer than that-before going inside for hot chocolate.  Wound up taking over a hundred pictures during the day as there was a lot to see.  My mom has the camera so I can't put them up.
Saturday at work I got off late, so that meant I was up past midnight exercising.  Monday was late too, but not as much.  Sunday I was kind of out of it, first due to the late night early morning, then due to it being fast sunday.  I managed though.  Yesterday was cardio, but the site was having issues so I was up later than I meant to be.
Had to get up early to catch up on my math homework, which I got some points for.  Nothing til class tonight though.