Wednesday, March 4, 2015


Well, I have to admit that it made driving home from school iffy, as the lights didn't help with seeing the lane lines under the slush.  I finally had to let another car get in front of me and I just followed them at a safe distance never going much more than 40 miles per.
Was still snowing yesterday morning, to my oldest niece's delight.  We made two small snowmen, then went for a five minute sledding run-the snowmen cooled off her desire to be outside longer than that-before going inside for hot chocolate.  Wound up taking over a hundred pictures during the day as there was a lot to see.  My mom has the camera so I can't put them up.
Saturday at work I got off late, so that meant I was up past midnight exercising.  Monday was late too, but not as much.  Sunday I was kind of out of it, first due to the late night early morning, then due to it being fast sunday.  I managed though.  Yesterday was cardio, but the site was having issues so I was up later than I meant to be.
Had to get up early to catch up on my math homework, which I got some points for.  Nothing til class tonight though.

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