Saturday, February 28, 2015


Didn't get to write all week I think, but it's been busy.  Monday was the usual babysitting until I went to school, which was better than usual as I made it early and then got the medium format camera so I could take my shots with it, but then didn't get the film til wednesday, so I had to borrow it again.  And of course the film got jammed so I couldn't use it anyway. Grr.
Finally found a math textbook, and it came yesterday-I think, as someone put it in my sister's room(We used her account to order it and then I paid her back)so we're not sure when it came.  But she and my youngest brother kept snatching it from me to look through it so I had to get a bit possessive about it. Sigh.
We had snow thursday, and a few flakes yesterday but none of it stayed for long.  Did cool things down more though.
Have work today so I'm trying to get my laundry done before I have to go.

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