Friday, February 13, 2015

Pre Valentines Dance

The yearly thing the do at my parent's ward-used to be my ward too-for valentines.  Usually involves kareoke, dancing to old and new songs, a local band performance, and a lot of sugar.  And a very late night too.

Getting there with Moby Dick, though I am still way behind.  Only about a 150 pages into.  And I must say it is rather weird.  The narrator, Ishmael, keeps going off on tangents, though they do kind of relate but it makes for a long story.  Of course that is all the teacher quizzed us on, despite the other hour of reading we were supposed to do, and I did rather than just try to catch up.

Work was mainly chocolate covered strawberries, with a few heart sugar cookies thrown in.  My manager told the other cashier and I that if they sold more half dozen boxes of cookies than we did, we'd have a problem.  The owner slash manager heard of it from me at the end of my shift and joked that they'd have to tease the manager because both of us got more than them.  But it was fun trying to see how to go about it.

Well, I have a test I need to do for math, then dinner before the dance.

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